1. Sustainability

Sustainability as a home decor trend has been around for a while and isn’t showing signs of slowing. DIY-ing your decor and furniture is already a great sustainable alternative to buying new, but why not take things one step further? 

In this incredible project, Cindy upcycles aluminum cans to make a DIY hosta plant. This is a fun way to repurpose waste and also, there’s no risk of killing the plant if you forget to water it! Get tutorial here

2. Statement lamps

Next up are statement lamps. The bigger and bolder, the better. Once subtle and functional, lamps are now taking center stage as the centerpiece in a room. Have a go at making your own, just like this DIY woven lampshade.

Using a simple raffia weaving hack, VeryLiv transformed an IKEA BRUNSTA lampshade into a chic and on-trend statement lamp, which also hits on the boho trend (see below). Get tutorial here

3. Art Deco

From the 1920s to the 2020s, Art Deco is having a resurgence. Incorporating the style’s characteristic delineated geometric shapes and strong colors is actually quite simple. Take inspiration from this DIY dresser project, which sees a thrifted dresser get a true Gatsby makeover, with just a lick of paint. Get tutorial here

4. Curves

Curves have been a growing trend in interior design, especially in furniture pieces such as the bouclé chair and Togo sofa. However, there’s a way of creating curves in your home that we hadn’t thought of before; a DIY curved floating deck.

This challenging DIY saw the ground turned from an unsightly patch of dirt into a chic curved deck that looks inviting enough to spend time on. Get tutorial here

5. Granite

A hot material for 2023 is granite, though it can be expensive if you go for the real thing. An easier way to jump on the trend is to create a faux granite effect, just like Abbie. Using a sponge printing technique, an end table was transformed to look like it has a granite tabletop. 

The best part about this DIY is that you can use the same trick on any piece of furniture or decor. Get tutorial here

6. Velvet

The hottest home textile trend of 2023 has to be velvet, which always looks charming and luxurious. 

Two words you don’t often hear together are pool noodles and velvet, but this DIY headboard project shows how two unlikely friends can work together to create something that not only looks high-end but also costs a fraction of the price of an upholstered headboard. Get tutorial here

7. All white

The all-white interior design trend is another ongoing trend that has been present for a while. Clean, all-white, minimalist vibes make a room feel bright, airy, and spacious. It also creates a blank canvas for your decor.

It’s no surprise then that Behr decided their Color of the Year for 2023 would be Blank Canvas.

In this project, Kaari uses IKEA BILLY bookcases to create a wall of all-white built-in cabinets, which showcase neutral ornaments, photo frames, books, plants, and brilliant gold sconces. Get tutorial here

8. Boho

Boho style is never out of fashion. Relaxed boho decor can make space feel warm, laidback, and earthy. Plus, it’s an easy decor trend to DIY. One of our favorite boho projects is how to make decorative palm tree leaves out of bamboo stakes and natural fiber twine.

These palm tree leaves are the perfect alternative to pampa grass and can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas for a summery beach vibe. Get tutorial here

9. Entryway

2023 is the year of the entryway. An often neglected space in the house, the entryway is finally getting the recognition it deserves. After all, it serves as your home’s first impression for visitors. From making the most of a small entryway to keeping the space organized and decluttered, there are plenty of ways to give your entryway a new face.

In this stunning entryway makeover, Brooke painted the space to look like brickwork, which complements the brick found in her home and makes the entryway feel cozy and welcoming. Get tutorial here