1. Bathroom Accent Wall

Looking to spruce up your rented bathroom without breaking the bank or leaving a trace? This easy and budget-friendly accent wall project is tailor-made for renters like you!

With just electrical tape, scissors, and a dash of creativity, you can transform your bathroom into a stylish sanctuary. This DIY endeavor offers endless possibilities to personalize your space without compromising your security deposit.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to add a touch of personality to your bathroom. Get tutorial here

2. Washi Tape Backsplash

Want to update your kitchen in your rental without risking your security deposit? This easy and temporary solution uses washi tape to create a stunning backsplash.

With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, you can customize your space and add a modern touch without breaking the bank. Simply measure, clean, and apply the tape to achieve your desired pattern. The best part? If you make a mistake, you can easily move the tape around.

Discover how this renter-friendly decor hack using washi tape can bring a fresh look to your kitchen.  Get tutorial here

3. DIY Area Rug

Are you looking to personalize your rental space with a touch of creativity? Look no further than this amazing DIY area rug project.

By transforming plain placemats into a stunning rug, you can add a unique and personalized touch to your home without any permanent changes.

This budget-friendly hack allows you to design a custom area rug that fits your style and enhances your living space.

Bring charm and individuality to your home with this renter-friendly decor hack. Get tutorial here

4. Faux Roman Shade

Would you like to add a touch of elegance to your windows without any hardware or permanent installations? Learn how to create a chic faux Roman shade with this simple tutorial.

No need to worry about privacy curtains or putting nails in the walls! This stylish solution is perfect for renter, bringing color and charm to any room.

Measure, sew, and create pleats to your desired specifications, and find out the secret to hanging these shades without any hardware using Command Velcro hanging strips.

Transform your windows into stunning focal points with this renter-friendly decor hack. Get tutorial here

5. Privacy glass using contact paper

Transform your windows with ease using this renter-friendly decor hack!

If you're looking to add privacy to your glass doors or windows without making permanent changes, this is the solution for you. With affordable contact paper and basic supplies like scissors and a tape measure, you can create a stylish frosted glass effect that's completely removable when you move out.

Say goodbye to prying eyes and hello to a chic and functional space. Check out this DIY tutorial and get inspired to elevate your home decor. Get tutorial here

6. Waterfall Counters: How to Add Function and Style to a Laundry Room

Transform the laundry room in your leased apartment with this stylish and practical renter-friendly decor hack.

By building a custom counter using plywood, you can create a seamless and beautiful surface that encloses your washer and dryer. The process involves simple steps like screwing the plywood together, cutting at precise angles, and assembling around the machines.

With a little effort and creativity, you can achieve a stunning result that will make laundry time a joy. Get tutorial here

7. Boob Light to Beaded Chandelier

Personalize your home decor with a renter-friendly hack that will transform your boring boob lights into stunning beaded chandeliers.

Inspired by high-end designs, this DIY project is both affordable and achievable with a little time and patience. By stringing together beads in a gradient pattern, you can create a beautifully draped look. Using a lamp shade ring as the frame and cording to string the beads, you'll have a custom chandelier that perfectly suits your style.

With a cost of around $100, this project adds a handmade touch and brings a bit of elegance to any room. Get tutorial here

8. DIY Picture Ledge

Discover a super easy DIY picture ledge project that will transform your walls without causing too many holes.

This renter-friendly decor hack costs less than $10 per ledge and takes under 10 minutes to create. It's a fantastic alternative to a large gallery wall. The best part? You'll only need a few materials and tools, and it won't cost you anything if you have some leftover wood.

This project is perfect for renters as it minimizes wall damage and can be easily removed or filled when you move. Get tutorial here

9. Bedroom Feature Wall

Update your bedroom with a stunning black feature wall, even as a renter!
 No need to worry about repainting before moving out. This creative solution involves using cardboard panels painted with your desired color and attaching them to strips of removable, adhesive film. It's a simple yet ingenious way to achieve the look you want without damaging the walls.When it's time to move out, you can simply peel them off without leaving a trace.

Start transforming your bedroom wall today! Get tutorial here