Upgrade dollar store dishes with fun designs

Personalize your plates for any party by painting them with gloss enamel. Get tutorial here

Dress up wine glasses for a bridal party

Use some netting or tulle for those adorable skirts. Get tutorial here

Paint your bowls with gold for a chic look

These boring bowls are now all glamoured up for your jewelry. Get tutorial here

Use silkscreen patterns to look like a pro

Your dishes will look like you bought them from an expensive store instead of made by hand. Get tutorial here

Paint boring dishes with glass markers

Give each plate a different design for a unique collection. Get tutorial here

Add rubber bands for clean crisp lines

These boring vases became super chic and classy with some rubber bands and gold spray paint. Get tutorial here

Drench it in unicorn spit for bright color

Who wouldn’t enjoy a cup of wine in a glass like this? Get tutorial here

Upcycle it into a tinkling wind chime

This blogger fused her glass panes into a glass wind chime. Get tutorial here

Etch your favorite words or shapes

Even dollar store glasses look fabulous with this personalized etch. Get tutorial here

Paint your wine glasses like a rose garden

All you need is some imagination and acrylic paint to get these fancy dinner party pieces of swag. Get tutorial here

Make your night table shine with mercury glas

Spray paint old mason jars to get the mercury glass effect and display it on your table! Get tutorial here

Turn your old glass cup into a pencil holder

Change that clunky old glass cup into something useful;. Paint it with acrylic, weather it and wrap some twine around it. Get tutorial here

Transform your old jam jars into planters

Wash out an old jar or an aging light fixture and turn it into a lantern or planter with rocks, twine and LED candles. Get tutorial here

Upcycle your old vases into centerpieces

All you need is gold paint marker and gloss paint to add pizzazz to drab old vases. Get tutorial here