Eucalyptus: What You Need to Know

The eucalyptus plant belongs to the myrtle family, of which a key property is their stunning floral patterns and highly durable structure, making them perfect decorations for the home. The leaves and flowers require minimal treatment and can be picked straight from the tree to make a huge variety of stylish and fresh-looking decorations. There are also several great eucalyptus essential oil uses to improve health and happiness. Get tutorial here

Eucalyptus Garland

A eucalyptus garland is a hugely popular festive decoration but can also be used all year-round to breathe some life into your living space. Cristy has cut all of the plants to the same length (6-12 inches) and used floral wire to bind them together. A length of string is acting as the support. All three types of eucalyptus plant have been used here. She has also used some winter berries for a touch of color. Get tutorial here

Eucalyptus Wreath

A eucalyptus wreath is a highly effective way to add some greenery and health into your home. As this Hometalker has done, separate the leaves from the branches first, then weave the branches into a wreath formation. After this, simply add mid-sized sprigs of eucalyptus leaf into the wreath at regular intervals. Make sure the leaves are all facing in the same direction! Get tutorial here

Pressed Eucalyptus Art

Some pressed-leaf wall art is a quick and easy way to add some Scandinavian chic into your home. All that is needed are some eucalyptus leaves, an old book page, and some mod podge. This Hometalker has framed the book page, which serves as the backdrop. After this, all they have done is apply the mod podge to the leaves and stuck them to the page.  Get tutorial here

Eucalyptus Decor Ball

This regal statement piece shows just how versatile eucalyptus leaves are as a decorative item. Lauren has used a mixed bag of eucalyptus leaves, some one-inch pins, and a polystyrene ball for this one. After sorting the leaves by color and size, they have simply pinned them to the ball and used some decorative beads to weigh them down. The result is simply stunning.  Get tutorial here

Eucalyptus Staircase Swag

A eucalyptus staircase swag can give your home a light and natural feel all year-round. As this Hometalker has shown, simply securing some eucalyptus branches to a staircase can do the trick! Amanda has used zip ties to attach the swag, also using floral wire to attach juniper berries and dusty miller for added effect. You can choose whichever adornments look and feel right.  Get tutorial here

Eucalyptus Pencil Holder

This beautiful desk adornment is in equal parts stylish, humorous, and witty. Sumit whipped this one up pretty quickly using only a eucalyptus stalk and a drill. The stalk was cut to around 5 inches in length, with a standard drill being used to make holes for the pencils. Remember to leave about 1-inch from the bottom when drilling!  Get tutorial here

Eucalyptus Essential Oils

One of the most common uses for eucalyptus in the home is its many essential oil applications. Eucalyptus essential oil uses are varied and include healing properties and as a bug repellant. This Hometalker has utilized eucalyptus oil with some DIY candles. They have made their own candle wax in their kitchen, adding about 6-8 drops of oil during the boiling process.  Get tutorial here

Eucalyptus Centerpiece

This gorgeous centerpiece adds a strong sense of wholesomeness and cheer to a dining room. Patti has used fresh seeded eucalyptus from California and an old wooden box to create this masterpiece. She has padded out the bottom of the box with floral foam and added some candles, simply placing the eucalyptus around the candles, finishing it off with some hydrangea and juniper berries.  Get tutorial here

Eucalyptus Votive

As this Hometalker explains, a eucalyptus votive is a simple way to upgrade your home for an event or party. All that Carolyn has used here are some seeded eucalyptus, some twine, and mason jars. She has dotted glue around the exterior of the jars to adhere the leaves to. After this, she has simply secured the arrangement with a small length of twine.  Get tutorial here

Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

Pressed eucalyptus tree leaves can make for a beautiful framed wall hanging, as Maggie has expertly shown here. A high-quality paper has been used, as well as some darker eucalyptus leaves. Simply flatten the leaves out beforehand (with a book or similar item) and glue them down onto the paper in a shape of your choosing. Then, all you need to do is frame your creation and voila!  Get tutorial here

Eucalyptus Wall Vases

You can take your wall hanging to the next level by making it three-dimensional. Adina has used wooden frames and old spice jars to create this hanging, with wire mesh acting as a backdrop. These jars have also had wire mesh attached to them so that they can be hooked up to the mesh inside the frame. Fresh eucalyptus sprigs have been effectively used here, but the choices are limitless.  Get tutorial here