The Best Gallery Wall Ideas for Your Home

The best gallery wall ideas are the ones that fit the space around them. However, if you can use something truly innovative, the results are spectacular. In choosing the top gallery wall designs, this one from Kris is in a league of its own. By selecting seemingly contrasting items such as ornate door knockers and rustic boards, this Hometalker has created an exquisitely eclectic wall. Our top tip: don’t be afraid to get creative! Get tutorial here

Top Tips on How to Make a Gallery Wall

All great gallery walls start on the floor, according to Makeful. To create the quirky feature wall you see above, this Hometalker started off by placing her pictures on the floor. After fiddling with the arrangement, she took a photo of the display. This image was used as a reference point later on. Once you’ve found your ideal layout, Makeful’s top tip is to mark the center point on your wall and work in quadrants. Get tutorial here

Do It the Easy Way: How to Hang a Gallery Wall

How do you hang a gallery wall without leaving it looking like a used dartboard? Simple: contact paper. Before implementing any gallery wall ideas, mark your spots before you break out the nails. According to Jessica Hill, all you need for this is some dollar store contact paper and scissors. By marking out a potential design like she has, you can move things around and find your level without damaging your wall. Perfect! Get tutorial here

Great DIY Gallery Wall Frames for You to Try

Crafting your own picture frames can personalize a gallery wall like nothing else. Needing 18 frames, Morgan McBride opted to buy ¼" x 2" x 4ft poplar craft board costing $1.97. Cutting two short and two long lengths, Morgan used wood glue to hold the frames in place until they were set. Finally, she painted them. Her top tip is to use a paint/primer mix and apply multiple thin coats. Get tutorial here

Impressive Antique Gallery Wall Ideas

Using mirrors in your gallery wall is the best way to create a sense of dynamism. To give your mirror some character, this antique Victorian look is possible with some wood, paint, and a scraper. To age the mirror, spray with black gloss and allow to dry. Then, after applying paint stripper, scrap some paint from the edges and sections of the center. Scuff exposed parts of the mirror with sandpaper and finish with gold spray to achieve this impressive look. Get tutorial here

The Most Stylish Gallery Wall Ideas: Stripes

Enhancing a gallery wall with a lick of paint can make your designs pop. Thanks to this project from A Cup Full of Sass, you can see how adding color makes a gallery much more impactful. The trick to recreating this look is to be bold. Although the colors should complement your frames, any patterns need to be bold. This ensures they won’t be overpowered by the pictures and will give your wall real depth. Get tutorial here

Brilliant Budget Gallery Wall Ideas

There are plenty of ways to create a gallery wall on a budget. From free sample paints to posters, Heather Hess has plenty of low-cost gallery wall ideas. For those of you who want an even cheaper solution, TheHoneycombHome used a printer and items she already owned to create this chic feature wall for free. The great thing about this project is that it demonstrates how mixing and matching can produce something fitting for any room. Get tutorial here

Simple Steps to Add Gallery Glamour to Your Staircase

Gallery wall ideas for your staircase can be tricky to install. However, as you can see, the payoff is more than worth it. For this look, Charlotte used string to set a starting line. Using the angle of her stairs, she put the string in place and marked the center with a large frame. From there, additional large frames were added, following the angle she’d marked. Finally, smaller frames filled in the gaps to create a truly striking look. Get tutorial here

Crazy Children’s Gallery Wall Ideas

Perfect pictures might be the obvious options for your DIY project. However, something a little less refined can be just as attractive. Depending on your preference, you can turn a child’s artwork into a truly spectacular feature wall. Our top pick, however, is this idea from Tiffany. Noting the ephemeral nature of adolescent artwork, she created her own “chalkboard clipboards.” Set in place, the boards can then be used to swap old images for new ones with ease! Get tutorial here

The Most Entertaining Gallery Walls

Other than the holiday season, board games are often left to collect dust, so why not use them as wall art? This project from Jessica shows how brightly colored and ornate board games can transform a lifeless wall. As well as being ready made images that are full of character, board games are practical. By using 3M Picture Hanging Strips, Jessica is able to remove the games at will, meaning this wall doubles up as an entertainment center. Get tutorial here

The Quirkiest DIY Gallery Wall Art Solution

Gallery walls are great, but changing up their look can be tricky. This solution from Christine makes it easy to change things on the fly. The trick to creating a quirky gallery wall is to use chalkboards. Perfect for family homes, these boards allow you to add your own personal touches again and again. As you can see from this project, static objects in between the boards add some extra sparkle, while wooden frames contrast nicely with the blackboard. Get tutorial here

Encase Your TV with Some Terrific Gallery Wall Ideas

Adding a gallery to your TV wall can be risky. However, with some careful planning, you can keep the focus on the screen. As you can see from Windgate Lane’s project, subtlety is crucial. Starting with a rustic clock, this Hometalker continued the “natural” theme with wooden frames and landscapes. Using pastel colors and pictures that complement the clock holds the gallery together and blends it into the background, allowing the TV to stand out.  Get tutorial here