Make Mason Jar Lights

One of the most attractive uses for mason jars is in turning them into cool, rustic lights. This project by Hometalker Ralph starts off with the cutting and sanding of a couple of 6” x 11” boards. After staining the wood and adding hangers, the jars are attached with twine. Add copper LED fairy tale lights, and you have beautiful mason jar lights to enjoy. Get tutorial here

Mason Jar Ideas for Kids

Mason jar crafts are also perfect when you are looking for an extremely cute gift for kids. These minion jars from Hometalker Morena Hockley are started off by pouring some yellow paint inside them. Next, you need to put half a Styrofoam ball to the lid, on top of yellow paper and attach it to the side, to form the character's goggle. It is then just a matter of adding the final finishing touches. Get tutorial here

Mason Jars for Fall

In this case, we see cute fall tealights that have been made using mason jars. The work was carried out by Hometalker Tammy H, who supplied the lovely photo that you can see above. She describes it as a quick and easy project. The tealights go in inserts fitted into the lids, giving a warm, romantic light that is ideal for those fall evenings. Get tutorial here

Use Mason Jars for Bathroom Storage

You can also use mason jars to give you functional but stylish storage space. This project from Hometalker uses them to give some eye-catching bathroom storage that looks great in any bathroom. To get this result, she's painted the jar lids before fitting wooden knobs to them. The cute box you also see in the picture comes from cutting boards and gluing them together. Get tutorial here

Make Christmas Ornaments

With this mason jars project, you only need to use the lids. Hometalker Our Crafty Mom added buffalo check fabric, twine and some ribbon for a great Christmas look that is simple to make. The first step is to cut and attach the check fabric using a hot glue gun. The other finishing touches that you could add include a neat deer shape - or any shape you like, really. Get tutorial here

Mason Jars with Stenciled Leaves

The next DIY project with mason jars we're going to look at involves stenciling on dimensional leaves for a fantastic look. The photo you can see is by Hometalker Gail@Purple Hues and Me. A stencil, dimensional effects paste, painter’s tape, craft stick and a mason jar are needed for this fine idea. The paste goes over the stencil, which is then removed. Get tutorial here

Create Bird Feeders from Mason Jars

The next mason jar project sees them made into useful and attractive bird feeders. This project uses a mixture of old pot lids and poultry bases, as well as the all-important jars themselves. The idea is from Hometalker Diana Wearing. To achieve this result, she has screwed the jar into the base and then glued on the lid. Holes drilled in the base add extra drainage. Get tutorial here

Get the Stained Glass Look

You can also achieve this charming stained glass look on normal mason jars quite easily. The project shown here is from Hometalker Our Crafty Mom, who got the subtle blue color of the jars just right. You can use stained glass spray paint for this color. Two coats of paint were needed for this look, with the jars left to dry overnight between coats. Get tutorial here

Mason Jar Lights for the Kitchen

Another way of getting stunning mason jar lights is with this clever, useful project. Hometalker Suesan- Frou FruGal made them and put them above the kitchen sink, where they look fantastic. The lights were made using a variety of ½” parts bought from the local store. After making a hole in the jar lid, you can add the light fittings.  Get tutorial here

Add Color to Your Mason Jars

Colored mason jars add a dash of fun to any room. It also turns out to be a reasonably simple DIY job accessible to everyone. Hometalk Team member Julien K shows how it is done with this fun project. Put Mod Podge into a jar, mix in food coloring, and let it dry. Then put the jars upside down in an oven set to 250 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes. Get tutorial here

Get a Classy Farmhouse Look

Another style you can try with your mason jars is the farmhouse look. Hometalker Sassy Townhouse Living carried out this project and ended up with charming ornaments that are also highly versatile. The jars are painted with chalk paint and then decorative lids are added, together with a variety of materials wrapped neatly around the jars. Get tutorial here

Make Christmas-Style Mason Jars

DIY mason jar crafts can also be used to add some extra style to the holidays. Ginger @ GingerSnapCrafts is behind the project, whose results you can admire above. It took under an hour to complete. To get this effect, you need stencils, silver glass paint, Mod Podge and salt. The salt sticks to the Mod Podge, giving a nicely textured look. Some ribbon adds extra holiday charm.  Get tutorial here

Use Them as Soap Dispensers

A clever way of using mason jars is by converting them into wonderful snow globe soap dispensers. Jessica Hill is the Hometalker who brings us this project, which is great for making special gifts. The materials needed include clear liquid soap, small Christmas figurines, glue and glitter. The task of putting it all together is pretty simple.  Get tutorial here

Hang Up Your Mason Jars

Most people put these jars on shelves or use them on the table as mason jar centerpieces. However, the interesting option of hanging them instead is explored here by Hometalker Karen Merritt3. The jar is attached to a metal band that is, in turn, attached to a door. However, it is possible to hang mason jars from many different places in the home.  Get tutorial here

Make a Quirky Chandelier

We have seen some creative uses of mason jar lights in other projects. Hometalker Marty’s Musings decided to take it a step further by making a beautiful chandelier with several of these jars. This Hometalker painted an old brass chandelier, using colorful chalk paint for the accents. He attached the jars using hot glue. The finished project looks amazing. Get tutorial here

Pineapple Mason Jar Lights

It is possible to get very creative when creating lights from mason jars. With this cool project, Hometalk Team member Amanda C has turned these versatile jars into cute pineapple luminaries with a tropical feel. Acrylic paint, hot glue, Mod Podge, and yellow tissue paper are among the main materials needed. Wondering where the light comes from? It's just battery-powered LED tealights. Get tutorial here

Design Mason Jar Centerpieces

The use of mason jar centerpieces adds extra style to any occasion. This DIY project from Hometalker Joanne produces glamorous yet simple centerpieces that are perfect for a variety of occasions. To get the same result, you first need to fill the glass with water, before adding garland beads. Finally, place a tealight candle in each jar to top off the elegant look. Get tutorial here

Mason Jars As Planters

These versatile jars also make great planters as well. Hometalker Kristi @ Chatfied Court uses different colored chalk paints to produce a subtle yet eye-catching look to start off this DIY task. A couple of coats of paint were applied and then left to dry. She then added soil and plants, with tags used to add a final finishing touch and extra charm. Get tutorial here