Hang faux curtains on a large window

This will make your windows look elegant & stately without investing in tons of fabric! Get tutorial here

Make a hammered backsplash from aluminum foil

Create a customized backsplash look that upgrades your entire kitchen - using painted foil! Get tutorial here

Change out the hardware on doors & cabinets

This simple trick is actually a major game changer and it can be super cheap. Get tutorial here

Add brick paneling to a blank wall

Use a faux brick panel to make a wall or corner look high-end and interesting on a budget. Get tutorial here

Put up cheap bamboo shades

Cut bamboo shades to fit your window snugly, for this rich, clean look. Get tutorial here

Or plank an empty wall...with a pencil(!)

Create a planked look without spending a single dime, by tracing lines with a pencil! Get tutorial here

Paint shades for custom lighting

Instead of spending on new lights, turn your cheap glass covers into pretty accent lighting! Get tutorial here

Set up a stylish canopy

Give your bedroom the royal treatment, by adding a regal canopy made with 2 curtain rods. Get tutorial here

Or paint a beautiful brick backdrop

Using a mix of colors, turn an empty wall into romantic industrial mural of faux bricks. Get tutorial here

Style a farmhouse wall with plywood strips

Use thin plywood strips to plank an open wall and get the look and feel without the work. Get tutorial here

Turn a cheapo IKEA find into a custom piece

Do a little customizing magic with a plain IKEA piece and end up with a unique stunner. Get tutorial here