Eye-Catching Bathroom Wall Decor

Nautical decor and bathrooms go together like waves on the water. Taking inspiration from this mirror by Suzette, you can create a striking nautical look that will make your bathroom wall a real focal point. Starting with off-cuts of wood, Suzette sanded and stuck the smaller pieces to a circular base with glue. The large pieces were screwed in place before the mirror was inserted. Rope and sea trinkets were used to give this mirror some real pizzazz. Get tutorial here

Cool Kitsch Kitchen Wall Decor

What’s the best way to add some character to your kitchen wall? Simple: take inspiration from your surroundings. For this project, April Hoff took the idea of kitchen utensils and used it to add some quirky style to her wall. The trick to making her oversized fork and spoon look classy was combining them with a silver-stained picture frame. By matching the colors, April was able to fuse the objects and bring some simple sparkle to her kitchen wall. Get tutorial here

Perfect Plywood Wall Decor

If you’re handy with a jigsaw, why not try this picture of plywood perfection. The recreate this wonderful wall decor, use a marker pen to draw images on a sheet of plywood. For the feather, use freehand. For the phases of the moon, use a bowl. Once marked, use a jigsaw to cut out the shapes. To smooth the edges, use an electric sander and finish with American Decor Metallics paint of your choice for a truly eye-catching piece of artwork. Get tutorial here

Wall Decor that Truly Means Something

Wall decor you can personalize is a great way to fill an empty space with emotion. After purchasing a black magnetic dry erase board and black frame, Joanne Diamond cut three cedar fence boards into six equal lengths. After adding wood glue, she used a Kreg Jig to hold the board in place. Finally, the backboard was sanded and stained. Attaching the blackboard, Joanne was left with a great piece of wall art that she can continually customize. Get tutorial here

How To Make Rustic Farmhouse Wall Decor Using

An artistic touch and any type of weathered wood can add some farmhouse charm to your home. After cutting a fence panel into three equal strips, Greg fixed them to a plywood base using Titebond II wood glue. With the wood prepared, he stuck an Atma Mandala Stencil onto the surface. Using a stencil brush, he followed the guide using metallic paints. To finish, two mason jars were stuck to the side with a hot glue gun. Perfect! Get tutorial here

Brilliant Bottle Wall Decor

Wine bottles are easy to come by, which is why this wall art decor is an easy way to add some sparkle to any blank canvass.To strip the labels, mix baking soda and coconut oil. Dipping a rough sponge in the solution, combine with soapy water to remove the glue and leave a smooth finish. After cutting and staining a pine board, lightly sand the surface to give a weathered look. Finally, a sawtooth hanger and a copper mounting strap can be nailed in place to complete this neat piece of bottle art.  Get tutorial here

Stylish Shiplap Wall Decor

Shiplap is a sleek and stylish way to add some texture to any wall in your home. With three sheets of 3mm maple veneer ply, Feathering My Nest covered an entire wall. Taking advantage of Home Depot’s cutting service, she had the boards cut into 5” x 8” strips. Once home, she found the studs in her wall and marked out where the panels would go. Starting at the top and nailing directly into the studs, she created this fantastic-looking white shiplap wall. Get tutorial here

Wild Wood Art Wall Decor

A DIY wall decor project is your chance to get creative, which is why we love this idea from Ashley Meyer. Taking some lengths of wood, Ashley watered down various paints and brushed on different colors. The thin coat gave a washed, natural look. Once dry, she cut jigsaw-like pieces with a chop saw. Liquid nail adhesive stuck the blocks to a plywood base before a stained border framed the piece to give a refined look. Get tutorial here

Outdoor Wall Decor Planters

Transitioning from pallet to planter is easy if you follow this advice from Rhonda B. Starting with a simple pallet, remove the two central slats and reposition at either end. Where you removed the slats, cut the pallet in half to create two boxes. Use two lengths of wood to make a base for each box and paint. Finally, line with landscape fabric, fill with dirt and rest on top of supports nailed into your wall. Get tutorial here

Magnetizing Mirrored Wall Decor

Statement mirrors can bring a new level of depth to any lifeless wall. Recreating a Pottery Barn Eagan Mirror, Allie Wachter cut four lengths of corner molding to create a frame. Fixing the frame and mirror to a plywood board with no nails glue, she then measured 1/3 from the left and 1/3 from the right. Sticking down the vertical strips or corner molding, she finished by adding horizontal beams to create even boxes and this magical mirror. Get tutorial here

Modern Living Room Wall Decor

Don’t let boring shelves bring down your living room. Try this neat project by Hometalker Glen. For this piece of living room wall decor, you’ll need to cut two 20” wooden lengths and one 16”. Using wood glue to make a frame, a tree branch is then used as the fourth side. A top tip is to bake the branch for 15 minutes to kill any bugs. Finally, secure the branch with two nails at either end. Get tutorial here

Mature Nursery Wall Decor

Nursery wall decor can be fun while having a certain mature elegance. This project from Eileen exceeds those standards. Finding some animal templates online, Eileen printed and cut them out using an X-Acto knife. A craft knife was used to ensure the perfect cut and, therefore, a professional looking finish. Using the animal as a template, Eileen used the knife again to cut a piece of fabric. Finally, the fabric was framed for a simple yet effective piece of nursery art. Get tutorial here

Creative Clock Wall Decor

Adding to her French Provincial kitchen, Hometalker Deb used recycled fence panels to get creative with an old clock. Starting with a single panel, Deb cut it into three uneven lengths. The decision to use contrasting sizes is what gives this wall decor its rustic look. To secure the panels, another length of wood was nailed vertically on the back. A nail was used as a hook on the front, with a second nail and twine making a simple hook for this impressive timepiece. Get tutorial here

Simple Signage for Welcoming Wall Decor

What better way to set the tone for a home filled with wonderful wall decor than a sign welcoming all who enter. To recreate this porch sign, follow Deb’s lead a whip up a design on PicMonkey. Once you’ve added your phrases, print at Staples and stick to a piece of plywood using Mod Podge glue. To get the rustic look, Deb embraced the air bubbles by adding dark wax strokes to the surface. The contrasts made the imperfections perfect and gave the sign an authentic natural look. Get tutorial here

Picture Perfect Photo Wall Decor

Wall decor can bring your memories to life, especially when you enhance your photos with a handcrafted frame. By cutting three pallet pieces into 8" lengths, Kyle was able to create this picturesque picture frame. After sanding and gluing, he used a paper template to drill eight holes (two either side of each corner). Twine was threaded and tied at the back to make a placeholder for any photo. Finally, two corner holes gave this frame a way to hang in style. Get tutorial here