Science 🔬 Fair Experiment: Egg Geodes

Marisa Sutton
by Marisa Sutton
3 Materials
5 Days
My 8 year old son participated in this school year science fair and he chose to do Egg Geodes.
You are prolly wondering what the heck is a Geode don’t worry I thought the same thing . A Geode is acty’all you a piece of volcanic rock which creates crystals inside because of the minerals that excess from the earth. WOW ! What an ear 👂🏻 full right. Well this what my son wanted to do so we went for it .
So first thing first w decided to use 4 eggshells to act has the outer shell of the Geode and we sre using 4 kind of salts to act has the minerals to create the crystals. Our Problem Question: Which Salt would grow the most crystals? Our Hypothesis: I predict that Kosher Salt will grow the most crystals.
After we cleaned out the eggshells from the yolk and the eggs membranes Eww, we let the eggs dry for an hour so their wouldn’t be excess water. Our first step was 1/4 cup of hot water in all 4 four eggs 🥚and 1/8 cup of Table Salt , Kosher Salt, Sea Salt and Epsom Salt.
Egg 1(Red) which is Table Salt started to create crystals the very same night at Day 3 of the experiment it had stop growing crystals. Egg 2(Blue) which is Sea Salt started to create crystals on Day 1 during the day you could see the changes on Day 4 of the experiment it stop to grow. Egg 3 (Yellow) which had Kosher Salt grew crystals from Day 1 and kept on growing til Day 5. Egg 4 (Green) which had Epsom Salt never grew at all.
In the end we prove the our hypothesis Kosher Salt won, it kept on growing after the 5 days . Along my son did not place in the science fair , it does mean is project wasn’t good, we will harder next time.
Suggested materials:
  • 4 Eggshells, Hot Water, 4 Different Salts and Food Coolorimg   (From my Kitchen)
  • Science Fair Display Board   ((Joann’s))
  • ABC Lettering   (Hobby Lobby)
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  • Rita Rita on Nov 12, 2017

    Did you just use cake coloring in the hot water?

    I want to try it. Does it get hard where you can take the shell off?

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