Shabby Chic DIY Wedding Bouquet

Wedding season is almost here and brides are on the hunt for unique ideas for their special day. Doing your own bouquet is so rewarding specially if you use vintage broaches. If you are having a shabby chic inspired wedding or a vintage one this type of bouquet is perfect.
You will need lots of broaches so start collecting early or better yet ask your family and friends for old broaches to donate towards your bouquet. This way it will have so much meaning, carrying a little piece of everyone important to you. You will need about 80-85 broaches for a healthy size bouquet . You will also need floral wire, tape, ribbon, tool or other material for the base of your bouquet and one silk hydrangea.
Start by cleaning all the broaches, a soft tooth brush works great to do this. I use a little rubbing alcohol to clean them just to remove dirt and oils. Start wiring the broaches, it is tedious but necessary. The best way to do this bouquet is to include all your bridesmaids to help. Get them all wiring and it will go quickly. To wire the broach I cut a piece of 24 gauge wire about 18" long. It's best to cut longer and trim later to the right length. Fold it in half and thread the wire through the broache pin or if the broach has a little hole thread the wire through that. Start twisting the wire until is tight against the broach and you are able to hold the broach upright with out bending. After you have wired all the broaches bring out the silk hydrangea. This will help you keep the round dome shape of the bouquet. Start by adding your wire broaches to the hydrangea until it is all covered. Cut your wires to the length you feel comfortable with and tape them together . Take your fabric and gather it to make pleats. Wrap that around the bottom of your bouquet to cover all the wires. Continue to cover the stem of the bouquet until all the wires are completely covered. I used hot glue to do this. Embellish it to your taste.Happy crafting everyone!

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