Silvered Votive Candle Knockoff

1 Hour
I've always loved the look of the silvered candles I've seen in gift shops. They are usually quite expensive for a candle maker like me. When I found a box of 12 aqua votive holders at Zgallerie on sale for $12 I couldn't resist.
My inspiration candles
Here's my beautiful aqua votive holders....
I grabbed my bulk soy candle wax and some wicks that I purchased online and got started.
I use glue dots from the dollar store to stick down my wicks and a wooden skewer to hold them up and in place.
Microwave some wax (whatever measurement you melt will be halved for pouring in your candleholder) add some coloring and fragrance if you'd like and get ready to pour into prepared votive holders.
I made some with color and fragrance and some without.
Let sit for a couple of hours to harden. Trim the wicks and enjoy. I made about 12 of these in about 20 minutes and handed them out as hostess gifts for the CHRISTmas parties I attended and added them to gift baskets I made.
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