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Michelle Austin
by Michelle Austin
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They say you can use Unicorn SPiT on just about any material, so I decided to try it on a wine glass. I just love how it turned out!You apply the Unicorn SPiT gel & it decides how it will turn out. Every piece is unique. The magic though, is always in the last step!
The first step, I poured water into my glass. I want to create s straight line with my tape along the top of the glass. I'm leaving about an inch of space so this glass can be functional.
I applied the tape slowly around the glass following the line from the water.
Once I got the first piece on, I dumped out the water & then added a second piece of tape to fully cover the top including the rim.
I brushed a thin layer of dishwasher safe mod podge onto the glass from the tape down & let dry.
Then I picked my colors!

White Ning, Navajo Jewel, Pixie Punk Pink & Purple Hill Majesty.
I dripped small amounts all over the stem & base of the glass.
Using a piece of plastic, I did the press technique.
Removed the plastic. See what I mean when I say that Unicorn Spit decides for itself how it will turn out?!
For the top I wanted to try another technique. I turned the glass upside down & let the colors run down by themselves until it was fully coated.
Wasn't sure I liked it so I added one more technique on. Hot air! Got real close & blew the wet gel around. Gorgeous results!
Let dry completely. Even though it was hard, I waited over night. I then removed the tape. Don't worry if you get a little bleeding. Unicorn SPiT is water based so you can clean up any little marks easily!
Because I went with the dripping first, the inside of the glass has that pattern!
Last but not least... the MAGIC! When you use Unicorn Spit you get an idea what your end project will look like but it doesn't come to life until that first brush stroke of your sealer! I used two more thin coats of the dishwasher safe mod podge to finish this beauty up.

It does take dishwasher safe mod podge 28 days to cure so keep that in mind.
Unicorn SPiT is fairly new on the market. The creator, Michelle, made the first commercial jar just over a year ago. This product has taken off & has given us a new creative medium like no other! If this is the first time you've heard of this, I encourage you to research the product. Read why Michelle invented it and see all the amazing creations she & others have come up with while using it!
Suggested materials:
  • Wine glass   (Dollar Tree)
  • Unicorn SPiT; White Ning, Navajo Jewel, Pixie Punk Pink & Purple Hill Majesty.   (Unicorn spit.com)
  • Plastic wrap
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  • Dena Helbock Dena Helbock on Jan 23, 2017
    what could u use to set this when u were done that is non toxic to seal this it is beautiful
  • Patty Candela Patty Candela on May 08, 2017

    can this product be used on a wall

  • Laura Laura on Nov 16, 2020

    What type of sealer is best on glass plates? I tried Mod Podge and it ruined the Spit design.

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