Stained? Repaint!

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I had this white satiny stole which I had not used in a long time and organizing a drawe the other day, I realized it had some stains that looked like coffee. I gues I did not see them when I put it away. I tried soaking it in a stain remover I use to no avail. So, what to do? Too pretty to just throw out, just paint it, of course. Now mind you, I'm not very good at drawing well but decided to try it.
I laid the stole out with a plastic bag underneath. Got my acrylic paints, brushes and some water and just began drawing flowers around the stains....
Beginning flowers
First I drew a center where each of the stains was and then began drawing petals. I then dipped the brush in water to thin out the pain and filled in the flowers. I added green stems and leaves. I kind of got carried away adding flowers to the side that had no stains just because I was having so much fun...
Filled in flowers.
I then realized how needed to do the other end of the stole/scarf because it looked odd on just one side. Let your imagination fly and don't be afraid to fill in, they don't have to be perfect...
All done! Don't know when I will wear it but it's pretty cute....
Suggested materials:
  • Acrylic paints
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