Teal and Gold Stenciled Pegboard With Wall Bumpers

3 Materials
1 Hour
This pegboard has gone in so many different directions that I had even forgotten some directions until I went back through the pictures. My favorite thing about paint and stenciling is that if something does not look the way you want, just repaint. It isn’t a total loss like some projects. I am more willing to take chances painting and stenciling because I can usually salvage something that goes wrong. I took some chances after it was done and had to start over.  But, I think one thing I love about diy is that every mistake is a challenge to problem solve your way to a new solution. I put $20 as the cost but it all depends on if you have stencils and paint already.
I picked up A peg board at Home Depot. This was 2 feet by 4 feet.
I painted it with Debi’s Design Diary Bohemian Blue. I love her colors. They are moody, decadent and rich.
I used my much loved, much used Cutting Edge Stencil.
I used white paint to add the stencil.
hmmm Nope... that’s not right for this pegboard.
So, I experimented with some gold. Better.
I played around with two different golds before deciding on the top color.
Here they are in process.
I loved it but it was a touch too bright so I lightly rolled over it with Bohemian Blue. I loved it ...
I lightly ran the gold paint around the edges.
I added these wooden balls as bumpers to keep it off the wall. Pegboards only work well if they are off the wall.
***Update-First I used Gorilla Glue and that didn’t work at all so I switched to hot glue and that worked like a charm.***
And then I decided to add some dark wax to age areas and I didn’t like it. 😞 So, it is repainted and I fixed it by reapplying the gold paint on the stencil.
We’ll call this “Take 2”
And done. Trying to get a shot before losing daylight. Virginia is going to get rain ☔️ for days. I‘ll Get more shots when I see the sun again! You can still see where the dark wax had been somewhat but I think it adds character and gives it dimension. Have you ever gone one step too far and felt like you ruined a masterpiece?
I like this picture because you can see the detail along the edges. Happy DIYing everyone.
Gloomy day, when the 🌞 is out, I will add better pictures.
Do you like it with one accent stencil or would like to 3 in a row or do you think the entire surface should be stenciled?
My biggest problem is adding the peg hooks. They ruin my masterpiece. I might have to spray paint them.

Suggested materials:

  • Pegboard   (Home Depot)
  • Bohemian blue diy paint   (Debi’s Design Diary)
  • Stencil   (Cutting Edge Stencils)

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