The Most Commonly Used Materials In Interior Design

No matter what people say the purchase of furniture is utterly confusing. I decided to create a quick guide to help the average consumer make the right choice of materials before he even starts the hunt.
1. "Solid Wood"
Pretty much all furniture can be made out of solid wood. There are various types of solid wood and some of them include pine, beech, elm, oak and mahogany. It is very easy to identify solid wood. It usually has a distinct smell and grain clarity if you look closely. Generally, you can find the country of origin written somewhere as well. If you are not the type of chap who likes to do research yourself, you can always ask around. Solid wood is generally water resistant and it also holds resale value pretty well. Those are just a few reasons why it's preferred among customers. Solid wood is by far one of the best looking and most durable materials, used to make furniture, out on sale. Furniture assembly is extremely easy when made out of solid wood as its durability prevents any twists or unwanted shape changes.
2. "Compressed Board"
Compressed board furniture can be easily identified by it's cheap looks, a bit like American cars...ops. It has a modular look and is ordinarily unfinished on the back or inside the drawers. If you are walking around in a shop and you stumble upon a piece of furniture that has an assembly charge, its usually compressed board. The reasoning behind that part is that the pieces are shipped to the retailer rather than manufactured in-house. Compressed pieces are known to not be of the greatest quality. Hence, this type of furniture doesn't hold up great if it gets wet or is repeatedly disassembled and reassembled. Although compressed board is cheaper, it's a great alternative to expensive materials. It can last for extremely long, if taken care of.
3. "Marble"
Marble is generally one of the least used materials to make furniture. It's usually found on the top of tables, floors and kitchen counters. Travertine marble is the most common type that you are going to come across. Generally the main thing to look for when you go on the hunt for marble is to make sure you buy "sealed" marble."Sealed" marble ensures that it will be completely water and spill proof, and it will be very smooth and shiny as well. Marble is extremely heavy but very elegant. Unfortunately, it always carries the risk of breaking or chipping. The best places to apply marble are places which are used extensively.
4. "Leather"
Leather is one of the most durable fabrics in the world. Leather comes in a range of colors. It's also mostly cut, puncture and spill resistant, awesome! There are a couple of types of leather, smooth, grained, protected or natural. There is a system of grades, from one to ten, in effect for leather. Most stores will sell five to ten grade options, which by the way is what you should look for. The lower greats are usually less expensive and thinner. Higher grades are way more expensive and generally more vulnerable, and nice of course. They are just nice, so nice. One of the best upsides of leather is that it's easily cleaned and repaired if damaged. When you are on the hunt for leather you should strive to get top grain leather. It comes from the very top layer which ensures great feel and looks. Leather is a great choice for sitting furniture because it can last forever if moisturized and cared for properly.
5. "Metal And Glass"
Metal and glass are likely the most popular materials for furniture. They are preferred for their durability and relative low cost. Metal and glass furniture is unearthly easy to clean and assemble. The possibilities of designs and styles are literally absolute. Both metal and glass furniture are water resistant and can match any colour you want. You can't really go wrong with them.

Amy Nash |Furniture & Home Decor Tips|
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