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In order to jump right into the project we will skip the part about having to drink the entire bottle of wine in order to get the right shape bottle. We will also skip the part about how to decoupage the bottle with napkins as there are plenty of tutorials covering that part of the project - except to say that I used my "Mom Podge" to do the decoupage (Link at bottom of project).
I wanted a base with a little texture so I made sure there were sufficient wrinkles along the way. Once dryed, the entire bottle is painted black with acrylic craft paint.
The first accessory required for this project will be a hat. The cap on the wine bottle was a perfect size and shape for the hat. I cut a 3" circle from craft foam and outline the outer diameter of the cap in the center. I then cut out an inner circle and then slashes up to the drawn circle.
The second accessory needed is an "umbrella". The umbrella is made by cutting down a 3x5 card, shaping it into a cone shape and covering it with lace. I then made up a stick pin to insert down the middle to form the handle. I am able to curl up the brim of the hat, by using a heat gun and shaping it until it is cool.

Now that we have these two accessories ready we can complete the project. I might just add here that the craft foam covers very nicely with the black acrylic paint.
The brim has been slipped over the cap with a ribbon added to cover the slash cuts. For the earrings I have simply joined a few beads and bling together with what I had on hand.
Once black paint is dry and starting at the bottom, I hot glued a layer of 4" lace and topped with a trim piece. This is followed by wrapping twine round and round to form the bust/torso area and topped with another layer of lace to imply a collar. The lace I use is white and very difficult to get all the little nooks and crannies with the acrylic paint. So before I begin the final coat of black, I give it a good spray of black alcohol ink. I have a 3 oz spray bottle that I nearly fill with 70% rubbing alcohol and about 2 inches of a straw to hold the ink to transfer to the bottle. I then do a final coat of acrylic black over all and let dry. The entire bottle is then high-lighted by rubbing the gold metallic acrylic paint on the bottle, the "umbrella" and the hat brim.
With the high-lighting complete, time to add all the bling, the hat and the umbrella to complete. Now this little lady is ready to hit the town.

The naughty lady of shady lane had hit the town like a bomb
The back fence gossips ain't been this good since Mabel ran off with Tom
Just a side view as she walks out the door. I think she is ready to meet her mate - don't you? Maybe the next chapter. And I might be just the one to introduce them. A match made in heaven???

Suggested materials:

  • Napkins   (Tuesday Morning)
  • Mom Podge   (My recipe)
  • Black acrylic paint   (Joanns)
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