Thingers Needing a Name

So many potential names and uses for these. Basically, I just wanted to find an easy way to create pretty things to organize all my tidbits around here. Sooo these can ideally be used to hold, qtips, candy, sugar, rings, bracelets, earrings, plants, soaps, change, keys, etc etc etc. And beyond simple to make. There are also so many variations to be had. Use jars and wooden tops instead, colour any colour you want to match your own decor. Of if they aren't your thing, throw some clutter on the shelves and move on hahaha, this is just simply a fun way to add some cute factors to cleaning up clutter. I'll go through the steps in each photo. and of course, for our never ending repurposing fun
The finished product
Another angle - sitting beside one that I am about to makeover
the before shots of the thingers
a close up of it resting on its new perch
E-6000. One of your best friends in crafting. These puppies aren't moving from their pedestals.
A close up showing how details in a piece are what make them fun and interesting. Especially if you start playing with waxes or glazes to make them pop!
The how to on painting them.... step one - get a good primer. For these I used Gesso. You can find Gesso at almost any arts and crafts store - but make sure you are getting the primer, and check carefully to see if you are using white or clear. Step two - rub a candle over the ridges of the stick. The paint wont stick to it and it will be SO much easier to distress!!! Step 3 - glue your choice of bowl or jars or whatever you choose to the top and place something heavy on it to hold it in place while the E-6000 dries. Step 4 - Find all your fav bits n bobs and fill! - feel free to join us over at bring a lighthearted fun attitude and enjoy!

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