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I wanted to make an over-the-top unicorn design by recycling a wine bottle. This is what I came up with!

You can watch this step-by-step video that goes into more detail or keep scrolling for instructions. Let's get started!

Roll out a nice size piece of air-dry clay. Break it in half and roll the halves into the shape of drumsticks. Twist them together to create the horn.

Hollow out the inside of the horn as much as you can, and slide it onto the neck of the bottle. Once you have it on, you want to fix and reshape any part that got messed up while handling. After it dried, I sanded it. This is not necessary, but it will give it a more polished look.

I painted the whole bottle white. This will be the final color, so I gave it three coats letting dry between each one. I then painted the horn gold.

For the ears, I printed, cut, and traced them onto some crafting foam. (Google Unicorn ear patterns and pick the ones you like.) Cut those out, painted the smaller one's gold, and glittered the big ones with iridescent glitter. (If you already have glittered crafting foam, use that.)

Add gold glitter glue to the horn and gold ears. Hot glue the smaller ears onto the bigger ones.

Hot glue the ears onto the bottle. Print, cut, and decoupage the face onto the bottle.


Let that completely dry, and add the iridescent glitter. Make sure to glitter around the face. I gave it about four layers of glitter before I was happy with the results. Once it's dry, seal it with your favorite sealer.

Using colored wigs, I created the mane. I cut and hot glued some pieces on the front for bangs. To create the rest of the mane, I made individual extensions and hot glued those pieces onto the bottle.

You can leave your bottle there or take it to the next level by adding some details. I wanted the front to look polished, so I hot glued individual paper flowers to create a flower crown. I then glued a pair of fake lashes onto the eyes to make them pop!.. and then added 2mm iridescent rhinestones... I outlined the top of the eyes. For the final touches, I glued gold, pink, and blue 4mm rhinestones in the center of each flower.

Lastly, using bobby pins and hairspray, I styled the mane.

This was such a fun craft to make! I am so glad my crafty fam requested it! This is a fun and easy project. The only reason it takes a long time to make it is because of the drying time. I hope this project inspired you to make something of your own. I already had all the materials in my crafting supplies except for the hair and lashes.

Suggested materials:

  • Thin Wine Bottle   (Donated)
  • Polyform Air Dry Modeling Clay
  • White Matte Acrylic Paint (Apple Barrel)
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