Wood Guitar Picks

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I am a maker and love working with wood. I also like to play guitar in my free time. So, it made sense to try my hand at making a wood guitar pick. So I did.
I hope you'll check out the video. It shows a whole lot more than the images ever can.
I started out with three boards. Two of them were walnut and were thin. The other one was a thicker piece of oak.
These get glued into a delicious wood sandwich. Wood glue and lots of clamps.
Lots of clamps.
Once it was dry I cut the blank into a more manageable size. Both long sides were ripped down on the table saw.
Both ends were also crosscut on the table saw. This made for a nice straight wood blank.
I marked a line on my table saw insert that was 5 mm away from the kerf of the blade. This is the initial thickness I wanted for each slice. This got smaller as I sanded and shaped. You'll see.
I cut multiple slices so I could make more than a few picks.
Here is what the slices look like.
Each slice received a layer of painter's tape and coat of spray adhesive.
Then the pattern was cut and applied to each slice. You can the template on our website. http://waylightcreations.com/how-to-make-wood-guitar-picks
I rough cut each individual pick on the band saw and then cleaned it up on the sander.
The pick was also shaped on the sander. I made it thinner, but not too thin.
I also added a taper to the business end of the pick. This made it more closely resemble the thickness of a standard "thick" pick.
Everything was honed in with hand sanding.
As you can see, it worked out fairly well. I also experimented with adding some Tung Oil to them as a finish, but I can't say it made much difference. So far I have been using this pick for about a month and haven't had any problems.
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Suggested materials:

  • Oak Board   (Sawmill)
  • Walnut Board   (Sawmill)
  • Wood Glue   (Menards)
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