Display Your Destination Mugs

Press a compass decal onto a cupboard, and screw in small hooks to hold the mugs. Get tutorial here

Decoupage A Map Onto A Table Mat

Soak cork mats in diluted glue solution, and using a rolling pin stick the map onto the mat. Get tutorial here

Frame Hearts Covered In A Map

Prime and paint the frame white, brush gold onto paper cut out hearts, and paste a smaller heart onto the golden ones. Get tutorial here

Hang A Distressed Destination Sign

Sand the boards smooth, cut to the right size, stain, and modge podge on the map. Get tutorial here

Coat An Entire Wall In A Gallery Of Maps

Purchase thrifted or cheap frames to put maps into, and hang a banner with a travel based quote. Get tutorial here

Mark Down All The Places You Want To Travel

Use washi tape to decorate the edge of the cork board, and press travel based fabric into the backing. Get tutorial here

Recreate Ikea’s Coffee Table

Measure out the map to make sure it fits the table, and simply decoupage it. Get tutorial here

Cover Your Hallway In Canoe Trail Maps

Sand down the walls to get rid of any chips, paint over the walls, and trim the maps to fit the frames. Get tutorial here

Sit Down On Your Favorite Country

Use PVA glue to stick the map onto the chair in sections and use acrylic varnish to seal the chair. Get tutorial here