Use fake potted plants to add some greenery

Choose your favorite flowers and hang them on your walls all year round. Get tutorial here

Replace your lamps with mason jars

These jars will a country-style twist to your home. Get tutorial here

Use vases and stained wood for a chic design

You can fill these vases with flowers or candles to get the look you desire. Get tutorial here

Hang greenery with a longhorn

These cattle horns are so majestic, they make a statement in any home. Get tutorial here

Upcycle an old drawer and mason jar

The combination of the two instantly perk up any room. Get tutorial here

Hang up beautifully sliced stone

The intricate patterns and color are so stunning with a light behind them. Get tutorial here

Use faded window shutters as a base

Match it to your headboard for an eye-catching piece. Get tutorial here

Paint it washed-white for an antique feel

You’ll never get tired of looking at this artistic piece. Get tutorial here

Use old warehouse lights and pipes

Spray paint the pipes with a brass color for a really edgy look. Get tutorial here

Stain or paint wood for a warm glow

These sconces don’t even need candles to warm up your home. Get tutorial here