Thrifty Tray From a Thrift Shop Find

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Serving tray, coffee bar riser or decor for any room in your beachy home. Or just change the design and color for a perfect farmhouse decor project!

Step one

This is a cutting board that I found at my favorite thrift shop. Cutting boards need to be cleaned real well before painting them. I spent a lot of time sanding it. If you don’t remove all the oily residue, paint will not adhere well enough. This first step is very important!

My helper

Abby girl is always around to make sure I’m doing everything correctly. She’s my BFF.

More sanding

I also sanded the bottom. You can see in this picture the difference it makes. I have a cordless orbital sander that I love. Can you see the little hard rubber feet? They are perfect for this transition from cutting board to decor tray.


I decided to go with white for the base color and a beachy blue for the design color.

Two tips

This photo shows you two tips. First I use beverage holders to hold up my project. This makes it easier to paint the sides. Then I use a sandwich bag to hold my paint sponge brush. I’m going to add a few coats of paint and the bag keeps the brush from drying out in between coats.

Ready for next step

Here you can see the color I picked for the design. I’m going to add linen strips using painters tape. This is a real farmhouse look that turns beachy with the color and design. I’m using an anchor stencil that I cut out on my cutting machine. I found these really old cabinet pulls at a salvage business.

Another tip.

I wanted to paint the handles so I stuck them on the end of a paint brush. This way I can hold them up with the brush while I’m painting. I just put them in a jar while they dry. I painted two coats and then added a coat of polycrylic to keep the paint in place and durable enough to be handled.

The design is coming along

I painted the anchor first smack dab in the center. After it dried I used painters tape to add the stripes. One fat stripe with two thin stripes on either side. I also made the stripes go down the side edges. When the fat stripe dried I went back and added the two thin stripes.

Looky looky!!

I added the handles with screws. Not bad for a discarded old cutting board.

Side view.

Pretty pretty!!

One last look.

And for my farmhouse decor friends I’m seeing a very light brown base coat with a barn red color for the design. I’m thinking a cow silhouette or maybe a windmill. If you plan to use this on your coffee bar...go to Pinterest and find all the neat designs that say things like: But Coffee First.

It’s fun to look at something and then reimagine what it can be.

Suggested materials:

  • Paint   (Lowe’s hardware)
  • Orbital Sander   (Lowe’s hardware)
  • Pulls   (Salvage business)
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