An Indian Arrows Stenciled Tween Room

Cutting Edge Stencils has four secrets to creating the perfect tween room on a budget. Number one is to add bold colors. It's ok to use colors in the crayon box that you would never dream of using in the rest of your home. Number two is to ditch the theme. Number three is to give your tween a say. It's their space so seek out their opinion. And finally paint a stenciled accent wall. We see that as the secret to every room's makeover success. Today we're going to share a stylish tween room with a fun stenciled accent wall.
Cutting Edge Stencils shares a DIY stenciled tween bedroom idea using the Indian Arrows Allover stencil from The Ragged Wren.
The bed sits nestled between three large windows. Opposite the bed is an unusual angled wall that you view from sitting in the bed. Because this is an apartment, Alyson did not want to paint the whole room and have to paint it back at the end of the year when they moved out. She decided that a painted pattern was doable and easier to paint back to white.
Alyson chose our Indian Arrows Allover stencil, it’s one of our new arrow patterns. She decided to stencil the arrow pattern in four different vibrant colors (Dragon Fruit, Bahama Breeze, Coral Blush, and Peaches n Cream) using Americana craft paint.
Alyson from The Ragged Wren used a stencil brush to paint the Indian Arrows pattern.
She used painters tape to hold the stencil in place and the clip-on stencil level to ensure the pattern was straight. Then she painted the arrow motif in four different vibrant hues.
Once the arrows were painted, she would remove the stencil and carefully realign it to finish the pattern on her accent wall.
Here is her Indian Arrows stenciled accent wall.
We absolutely love how fun the pattern looks in these vibrant colors.
Alyson purchased a simple wicker basket to use as a hamper and painted the bottom half blue to compliment the space.
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  • Amber Freeman Amber Freeman on Mar 19, 2015
    Maybe they are Indian people that wanted to bring some of their beautiful culture into the room. Or someone that appreciates the culture. It's not offensive. It's beautiful.

  • Mitzi Lindsey Mitzi Lindsey on Mar 19, 2015
    I like the circle shelves