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Bethany Ahiers
by Bethany Ahiers
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5 years ago we bought a fixer-upper cabin in northern Minnesota. Each visit to the lake I plan a new project. But this is my first project post on hometalk!

I wanted to create a bold accent wall to complement the game room. I considered a bright color or rustic materials like barn wood or metal, but nothing seemed just right. Then I was at a garage sale and saw a free bin. In it, I found board games with missing pieces. This was it! The collection began. Over the next year I collected board games from garage sales and thrift stores. Some were donated from friends and family as well.


-Lots and lots of board games

-Time and patience

-2 sided 3M foam/thicker tape

-Razor Blade

1)We started by laying the boards out to separate like colors and designs.

2) Remove all outlet covers, lightswitch plates etc. from the wall.

3) Once we had our layout, add 2 sided foam tape to the back corners and each section of your board.

4) Remove tape guard and place your first board on the wall. We started from the top and worked our way down.

5) Cut holes where the outlets and lightswitches line up on the board. Then reinstall covers for a smooth professional look.

Once we had all the boards collected, it took one weekend and the help of my sister and mom to complete this fun board wall project.

Completed Board Wall!


The wall was pretty plain.

Collection of Games

These were all the board games we collected over the past year! Total investment: $12 and many, many hours:)

Getting organized!

Find your corner pieces first, just like a puzzle. Then sort by color and design. Next, add 2 sided tape to the backs of the boards. If there is a fold, add tape to each section, but not over a seam.

Thermostat over board for a pro look

I removed outlet covers, lightswitch plates and the thermostat to make it easier to cut a hole in the boards. The holes don't need to be perfect. The holes will be coverd up after the switch plates are returned.

*Be careful when working with electricity.

Ta-da! Wall is complete!

I was very pleased in how the board wall came together. There were a few gaps between boards so I overlapped some smaller boards or game pieces in these areas. Additionally; I painted the wall black between a few boards that were very close.

Have fun making your game wall!

Suggested materials:
  • 3M two sided foam tape   (Home Depot)
  • Razor Blade   (Home Depot)
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  • Shelby 🐈 Shelby 🐈 on Jan 07, 2020

    Now THAT is a super fun and original idea. It came out really great. Love that it isn't just an ordinary wall. So cool.

    Question - Did you paint the foosball table black?


  • Sandy Sandy on Jan 25, 2020

    I love this!! Great idea.

  • Jenny Jenny on Jan 08, 2021

    Nice idea. How about Velcro on the back of the boards so they can still be used. Then ziplock bags for the play pieces to save storage space.

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