Butterfly Painting With Chalk Paint!

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You may have noticed stunning acrylic pour painting on Pinterest! I’ve always wanted to try it so today I have an acrylic pour for beginner project that’s so easy and beautiful!

There are so many acrylic pour techniques; you can really get caught up binge watching them on YouTube. Today I’m showing you how to do a chain pull butterfly. Because of the rainbow colours, it’s the one I immediately want to try out for myself.

Watch This Video

Speaking of binge watching YouTube, before you read the tutorial, watch this quick video to see this paint pour for beginners project in action!

The Paint

I'm using a gorgeous selection of rainbow colour Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint.

We found a whole spool of of ball chain at our local ReStore but you can easily find ball chain at your local hardware or big box store. You'll need four pieces approximately 18″ long.


Mix all your paint colours at a ratio of 2 part Floetrol to one part Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint.

If you want a colour you don’t have (such as orange), mix red and yellow chalk paint together before adding the Floetrol.

I mix in a larger container, then transfer to air tight film canisters I’ve been saving. For most colours, I only mix an ounce because I’ll need only a few drops of each.

Mix a larger quantity of black and white (Midnight Sky and Fluff). I put these two colours into a squeeze bottle, like this flux bottle, so I have more control.


I don’t have the steadiest hands so I’m going to cut a butterfly stencil mask out of clear adhesive liner. You can find the butterfly template in our Birdz on the Fly project library. If you’re not a subscriber, fill out the form on our website for access (click below where you see our logo to get there).

Centre the stencil mask onto the canvas.


Layer Fluff, The Gulf and Pure Ocean and use a paint pallet knife to spread it onto the canvas. Use a water mister to blend the three colours together.

One thing I’d change is that I put the lightest colour at the bottom. If I do this again, I’ll flip that around to the top. It makes more sense to have the lighter colour on top, but it still looks pretty in the end!

Allow the paint to dry. You can probably only wait 1/2 an hour for the next step, but I let it dry overnight.

Uncap the previously mixed paints and give each a gentle stir so you don’t incorporate air bubbles. I let mine sit overnight and find that they will sepate.

After peeling the vinyl, squeeze Fluff into the centre of the butterfly.

Use the pallet knife to spread the chalk paint to the edges.

Now outline the butterfly with Midnight Sky by attaching the needle applicator. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Now you can apply the colours. I apply them using an eye dropper to form drops of paint.

Squeeze any excess paint in the dropper back into the container. Then draw up some water from a container and let them soak until you’re ready to clean up.

In some instances, I added additional dots of a different colour paint on top. For instance. on the red, I also drop on some orange. Or, if you like, you can do two separate rows of dots and then you won’t end up with so much white.

All the dots are on! Now for the fun part.

Work on one quadrant at a time (which is why I cut 4 pull chains). Carefully place the chain into the black paint around the perimeter of the butterfly.

Now, slowly pull the chain toward the middle. Keep pulling until you can lift the last little bit off the canvas in the middle.

Repeat the same process using a fresh chain in the next 3 sections.

As you finish each one, immediately drop the chain into a tub of water so you can easily clean the paint off later.

If you do two rows of dots and find that too much excess paint is gathering in the middle, use a glue syringe, like this one, or pipette to suck up the excess.

The gaps between the dots will leave pretty ribbons of colour interspersed with white.

Fill in the centre section with more of the Midnight Sky to complete the butterfly and let it dry. If you wish, you can even touch up after the paint is dry.

Scrape off the excess paint from the stir sticks and let them dry. Now you’ll have a record of your paint colours! Just write what they are right onto the stick for future reference.

To finish I’ll seal with Dixie Belle’s Gloss Clear Coat. That will really make the colours pop.


I love how this sweet little butterfly looks with our lampshade makeover DIY (you'll never believe what that project is made of)!

This was my very first paint pour. But it definitely won’t be my last! I want to try ALL the paint pour techniques and share them with you! What do you think? Is this something you would try?

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Suggested materials:
  • Canvas   (Michaels)
  • Chalk Paint   (https://dixiebellepaint.com/?aff=547)
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