Cute Little Succulents

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I bought this wall rack, for lack of better words, just because it was really cute. the cups were so small but I thought there has to be something I can put in them. I tried scented beads - still couldn't smell them. Scented oils - only lasted about 2 off the wall it came and into a closet.

Then it hit me. Succulents don't need a lot of work, but this was going to be in a bathroom with no windows or any natural light. Then it hit me to use fake succulents. now I had a project.

I loved the way it turned out. Had a planned it out better I'm sure I could have had more equal in visual spacing, with pieces that go up, hang down, etc.

it was a fun project that can be completed in a weekend. I used epoxy so there is a 24 hour dry time for that.

Here's my cute little wall hanger. The photo is hard to tell but the cups are really small.

A quick trip to Hobby Lobby was in order since I didn't have everything I needed on hand. My trip total was $15.00 so all in all, not a bad price for how it turned out.

This is only about 3 little rocks so now you can see just how small the little cups are.

This was the final set up with the fake succulent. So far so good. Now to add the epoxy.

As with all epoxy...Read the directions and follow them carefully. I have found that getting the measurements off by just a little bit can cause the epoxy to not harden.

I'm just going to add a video of me doing one of the cups. It's the same process for each one.

Here is the finished product. Perfect for my extra bathroom with no sunlight.

The epoxy dries clear and gives the appearance of water in the cup. All of the rocks have a bit of the epoxy so they do not fall out of the glass even if tipped upside down.

Suggested materials:

  • Iron wall hanger   (on hand)
  • Epoxy resin   (on hand)
  • Succlents   (Hobby Lobby)
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