D.I.Y. Pallet Wood Floating Shelvs

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Here are some real wood floating shelvs I have used for my kitchen. I hope this comes useful to many and see some of your own ideas and uses.
I had a blank wall in my kitchen with just a clock on it. This was too plain for me and after browsing many isles of home decor, I could not find anything I liked enough to part with some hard earned cash. So I began looking into the idea of having shelvs and considering some very basic flimsy shelvs were selling in the region of £20-£30($30-$40), I couldn't bare the thought of being annoyed with them knowing I would be £40-£60 out of pocket and stuck with some poorly constructed shelvs staring at me every day. I fancied some kind of real wood effect and one day, stumbled across a heavy duty pallet at work with timbers measuring approx 5"x2". Me and my infinate wisdom, I decided to strip them back. They were perfect!. I sanded them back with a belt sander and kept all the roughness/damage from previous packing and transport which gave it more authenticity and character. There were two different sizes of timber that made up this pallet so I thought I would utilize this and stagger a long and short one.
After finding the timber and prepping it, I now had to think of how to mount it. Preferably I didn't want any brackets on show, so floating shelf brackets were needed. A quick search on Amazon and I came across these brackets, a bit sceptical at first as they were cheap, very cheap! 5 for £5! I thought, what have I got to lose. Anyway, they turned up and I was quite impressed, fully adjustable for tilt and angle for fine tuning. With this design it meant I needed them to fit into the timber itself so measuring the shaft biggest diameter it was 12mm (1/2"). To ensure a good fit I drilled 11.5mm holes into each shelf, evenly spacing out and also had to chisel out a recess for the bracket itself to fit inside to fully conceal it. With the holes being slightly smaller, I was able to gently tap the shelvs into place for good snug fit.
Just a close up of one of the brackets fitted with 4" No10 hammer screws.
And here is another angle. I myself love them, so much more satisfaction from doing it myself and saved myself a heap of cash compared to and off the shelf kit. I hope you liked my read and I've not gone on too much. Any questions please do ask, I love hearing people's ideas and suggestions. Thanks.

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  • Pallet wood

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  • Nicolette Spargo Nicolette Spargo on May 24, 2017
    Fantastic job!

  • Debi53 Debi53 on May 24, 2017
    Love the shelves. I have been wanting to put a shelf in my bath and appreciate the tip about the brackets from Amazon.

    • Ross Davies Ross Davies on May 25, 2017
      Thank you, if I could be of any further assistance then please don't hesitate to ask. More projects on their way 😊