Decorative Plate DIY|Using Fabric

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I couldn't find a plate set with a pattern I liked within my budget so I decided to decorate my own.. I just took some pretty fabric, clear plates and some mod podge and I had a new set of plates! I've seen the Lilly Pulitzer and other plates for $50 a set! Doing my own plates only cost about $2.
I started out with a clear plate and some fabric. Well this is actually a blouse that no longer fit me. Recycling fabric is a cool thing to do!
I put the clear glass plate faced down on top of the fabric and marked a line on the fabric all the way around the perimeter of the plate. I added a little extra space. This step will size the fabric to fit the back side of the plate.
I set the fabric aside. Using a foam brush, I apply a generous amount of mod dodge to the entire back side of the plate. Making sure to add it all the way to edges of the plate. See details in the video below.
I then place the cut fabric on the back side of the plate and spread it out to remove all wrinkles.
I apply a generous amount of mod podge on top of the fabric on the plate. Especially around the edges of the plate. This area was a little troublesome and I had to go back and add more mod dodge.
I then set the plate aside and let it sit over night to dry.
I love the finished plate! Its a beautiful addition to my kitchen!
This plate could also be used for food because the fabric is only on the back side of the plate! Imagine the possibilities with different types of fabric!
This video shows the entire process!

Suggested materials:

  • Glass plate   (Walmart)
  • Mod dodge   (Walmart)
  • Fabric   (I already had it)
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  • Shirlee Reding Shirlee Reding on May 07, 2017
    When /how do you trim the excess material from around the edges? I've had trouble making the edges stick and they often look ragged.

  • Nelly Hennessy Nelly Hennessy on Jun 04, 2017
    Did you trim the edges of the plate when the modp. Dried?

  • Nelly Hennessy Nelly Hennessy on Jun 04, 2017
    Would you also use an acrylic spray or acrylic coat (clear) to protect the modpodge? What will happen to it when you wash the plate. Is it water repelent?you inspired me to get started NOW.!! Thank you!!


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  • Sharon Kugel Sharon Kugel on Jun 03, 2017
    I spray paint a color on the back of the dish as a final step. It really helps protect it pluse i think it looks better. Still wouldn't put it in the dishwasher.

  • Joanna Joanna on Jun 03, 2017
    I actually have been looking for some plates to display in my plate rack. I love this idea because I can choose the perfect fabric to customize it to my decor! P.S. I love the fabric you used--- great idea to recycle your blouse!!