Dining Room Family Photo Display

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My house was a foreclosure and boy was it dirty. (before and after pictures of the dining room are included). After we completed the renovations I asked my parents if I could make some copies of old family photos. Growing up we had all of our family photos on top of the big TV hutch. As technology has advanced, many homes no longer have a TV hutch, but rather mount their TV onto the wall. Where was I going to display these family photo's without sacrificing decorating?!

As I started to unpack and gradually buy furniture for each room of the house, my parents gifted me some old plate racks that they never used. I am not sure why, but as soon as they game them to me I knew what I was going to do with my family photos - photo plates!

I customized and ordered the photo plates on walmart.com! They came out gorgeous! Who doesn't like to be surrounded with friends and family as they eat in the dining room?! And how often do people seem to neglect the decor in their dining rooms... I love this idea and hope that you do too!

p.s. The plate racks that were gifted to me by my parents didn't hold a 10" plate - so I had to order new plate racks on eBay. lol :)

Total cost of renovating the dining room:
Paint: $30
Floors: $500

Plates: $120
Racks: $70
Realtor dining room photo from pre-foreclosure listing.
Another Realtor dining room photo from pre-foreclosure listing.
Original dinging room photo.
Goodbye peachy-orange-salmon ... hello Carolina Inn Club Aqua.
Thanks for helping Mom :)
Painting is complete!
Now let's sand and refinish these floors...
Custom color - oak mixed with a splash of cherry.
Don't mind the area rug - its just there until I buy one thats the proper size.
Gifted plate racks from my parents
New plate racks that hold 10"-12" plates - purchased on eBay.
Complete! :)

Suggested materials:

  • Valspar Carolina Inn Club Aqua   (Lowes)
  • Photo Plates   (walmart.com)

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  • Patty Patty on May 04, 2021

    I love what you did, beautiful, one suggestion though. The rug under the table looks too small, why not just take it out, and show off that beautiful floor you finished?


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