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This is a tutorial on Airstone veneer stone. Airstone looks and feels just like brick, but weighs 75% less than real brick. You can purchase Airstone and Airstone adhesive at Lowe’s Home Improvement.
The wall had been primed for a clean slate and we were just so indecisive about what we wanted to do. We thought about building a custom media cabinet, but that would be so expensive + we’re not expert woodworkers, yet. 😉 I drew up some rough sketches and we settled on this one…
Adding a flatscreen electric fireplace underneath the TV would balance out the visual weight of the TV. The brick would add interest and texture, which was much needed because the TV took up such a large space of the wall. I read that you’re not suppose to put a fireplace underneath a TV, but we have electric heat so we won’t be using the heat setting on the fireplace. We primarily got the fireplace to balance out the TV..and, it’s really pretty.
Now we measured and marked our walls where we wanted the brick to end on both sides. We didn’t want to do the entire wall.
I started from the bottom of the wall keeping within my marked lines. The bottom was the hardest part because the stones kept slipping down the wall. I applied 3 rows and let it sit to cure. I used a masonry blade (a blade without teeth) to cut down the brick to make sure I was following my marked lines. I went around the mounts . Although you can drill through the Airstone, it is best to mount the tv to the wall as it's meant for.
When I first applied to adhesive I was impressed. It was very soft and fluffy-unlike putty. This was creamy. And the directions say to apply to like you’re “icing a cupcake” and “not buttering your toast”. I thought was a really good analogy because you don’t want to apply it too thin.
I used a level to make sure each stone was level. If it wasn’t level, I raised it up with a piece of card stock paper until it was level.
Try your hardest not to get any adhesive on the face of the bricks. If you get some adhesive on the face of the brick, clean it BEFORE it dries. If it dries, you will have to use a washcloth and “keep it damp for at least 20 minutes or longer until it starts to loosen up). You should then be able to scrub the adhesive off using more water and a soft toothbrush. So just try your best to get the adhesive off before it dries.
Lots of leveling to make sure the bricks are even and straight.
This was easily one of the most time + cost efficient, but most dramatic DIY I have completed to date.
I have since added cabinets with shelving and pendant lights on each side, but here is what it looked like after the brick wall was installed...
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  • Ed Ed on Jul 05, 2019

    Was there any gaps from the paper that you used to level. If you had a gap hoe did you fill it in

  • Denise Denise on Feb 13, 2020

    Was this wall textured or flat ? Wondering if the adhesive works on any surface better than another. Thanks!

  • John John on Apr 13, 2020

    Can this be used on the exterior of my wood structure home or is it an interior product only?


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