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Ya’ll know how much everyone went crazy over the Dollar Tree calendar’s last year, the one with beautiful art work by Jennifer Pugh? They were pretty awesome and I was able to score a few, and have done a couple projects with them. This project though is amazing if I do say so myself! I tried to think outside the box with the designs on them and do something no one else had done. I’m hoping I did just that with this DIY! I always keep it real with you all, so I will be truthful I would have changed one thing on this DIY but otherwise I LOVE it and it was exactly what I hoped for! I will explain that during the DIY. Come follow along as we use one of Jennifer Pugh’s calendar prints to upgrade a Walmart clock! Let’s make this Dollar Tree calendar clock.


Dollar Tree Calendar

This DIY is using last years, but there is new ones this year. You can also buy her prints online now too!

Walmart Clock

I grabbed one of those $4 clocks, super cheap and come in all different colors.

Mod Podge

Pencil Compass

Step One, dismantle the clock. Using a screwdriver take the screws out of the back this will allow the top to pop off and you’ll be able to pop off the top and remove the glass, and the hands to the clock. Be really careful doing this part and keep ALL your parts. When you pop off the hands to clock do it gently so you don’t bend them.

Step Two, using your pencil compass measure from the center of the clock to the edge and then trace that out on the back side of the design you choose. I chose this beautiful gather together print. Once I cut it out, I popped a hole in the center for the clock hands.

Step Three DO NOT DO THIS STEP lol, I used my heat gun and peeled up the original clock face that was on cardboard. I will be making another one and this time I will LEAVE THIS! I will paint over it with black and leave it. Just keeping it real, learn from my mistakes and share them with you all. I am not a perfect crafter. =P

Go to step 4 HAHA

Step 4, attach your print onto you clock using Mod Podge. Then add back your clock hands, and reassemble your clock. You are all DONE!! How easy was that?!

I totally love how this turned out!! It was so inexpensive and EASY upgrade to a boring $4 clock! The clocks also come in several different colors, so you can choose another color to match a different print or you can even paint the clock. This is also a GREAT way to update an old clock you already have or even a thrift, or yard sale find!! The possibilities with this are endless! Love this Dollar Tree calendar clock!

Do you think you’ll make one?

I am more than happy with how this turned out, other than my mistake or my afterthought I should say!! I’ve seen so many ideas for the Dollar Tree calendars but have not seen anyone do soemthing like this! I wanted to do something different and I think I did! I hope you enjoyed this Dollar Tree calendar clock and that it inspires you to make one! If you enjoyed this DIY find me on social media below for more DIY’S!


Creating Through Chaos
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  • Missycook913 Missycook913 on Aug 02, 2021

    Where does the calendar come in, am I missing something?

  • Gigi Gigi on Aug 02, 2021

    Does anyone know if you remove the second hand will the clock still keep time. The clock I bought ticks loudly and someone told me its the second hand that causes it.

  • Kimberly Rhamstine Kimberly Rhamstine on Aug 03, 2021

    Cute idea, but why wouldn't you paint the hands of the clock so you could actually SEE them?


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  • Mary Toombs Blanton Mary Toombs Blanton on Aug 09, 2021

    Black hands very hard to see on the dark background. Maybe another color?

  • Carey Carey on Aug 11, 2021

    I found a black and silver large clock at a thrift store. I loved it with the lovely silver ornate design around the numbers, so for $4.99 I brought it home. I hung it up & learned almost immediately why it was given away. The black hands did not show up on the black background at all! after some thought, I went and bought some silver craft paint, took the clock apart just far enough to reach the hands, and painted them. This is the part to avoid! as I was putting the clock back together, I managed to break the glass. I hung the clock without the glass for a while, then one day I saw an UGLY clock in the thrift store, for $2. It looked like the right size glass, so I decided to try it! It was the right size and I was able then to put a glass in my lovely clock, toss the rest of the old one, (after much debate about finding a use for it, however good sense entered the picture & I realized that I have so many projects that trying to find another would only destroy any hope of finishing those that are more important to me!)

    • Creating Through Chaos Creating Through Chaos on Aug 18, 2021

      I love this story! I have so many projects going on, i too need to prioritize the ones I truly want to do! Painting the hands is a great idea, I will be making another and will paint the hands of that one. =)