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A friend of mine is hosting a birthday party for a friend of hers and was looking online to find a donut display, she found some cute ones but they were made of cardboard and were kind of on the pricy side. So of course, I offered to make her one! I knew I could make them out of wood for about the same cost as it would have been to purchase the cardboard ones online. And they can be reused or sold/given to someone else to enjoy after!

For this project I used:

  • 2x2ft 1/2 plywood panel, I used 2.
  • 1/2” wooden dowel, I used 2
  • paint in colors of choice, I used gold and white acrylic paints, you will want to make sure they are non toxic
  • 1x2 board
  • hinges
  • screws
  • hole drill bit
Map it out

This part was tricky for me, I won’t lie. I ended up recruiting my hubby to help me with this part since he is a math wiz. I left a 6 inch space at the top of the board and then spaced from there the pegs 4 and 3/4 inch apart to accommodate the 12 pegs I wanted per board. I drew lines across and vertically and circled all the intersections to show where the pegs would be placed.

Drill the holes

I used a 1/2 inch paddle bit to drill my holes about half way through the board, I wanted to leave enough thickness behind the board to use screws to attach the pegs to the board. I thought making them removable would make it easier to clean and easier to store, but you could also glue the pegs into place. Paint/stain your boards after the holes are drilled, you could paint in the beginning if you like prior to making all the measurements for the pegs but I didn’t want to have to repaint if sanding was required after drilling the holes, which I found wasn’t really needed, so do whichever feels best to you!

Cut the pegs

I painted my pegs before hand and let them dry completely before cutting them. I attached a block to my miter saw at the 3” mark to ensure even cuts and to make this process much faster than making each measurement and cut individually, if you don’t have a miter saw, you could easily use a hand saw! After the cuts are made cleanup any splinters with a price of sand paper and touch up paint where needed. I found this to be easier and cleaner than trying to hold and paint a 3” peg, and since I would have 24 total pegs, it saved me a lot of time!

Add pegs to boards

I added all Tempe pegs to the board, and the bit I used left a small hole in the back which was perfect for me to add the screw to attach the pegs with! Again, you could also use wood glue to attach them, but I always make my projects with storage in mind, my friend may have plenty of storage for them with the pegs in place, but she may have an easier time removing the pegs and stacking these flat together! I like options ;)

Add personal touches!

She wanted hers to say treat yourself, so that’s what we did. I made these using my cricut, but you could use stencils or your printer and carbon paper, if you blessed and have awesome handwriting even hand paint whatever you want on the top!

So cute

Starting to shape up! The front of the boards are done at this point! And looking so cute!

Add the “kickstand”

We wanted to make these able to stand on there own, I’m adding this as he last step because honestly it’s optional. You could use an easel, lean them on a box, or prop them up on the wall, whatever your heart desires! But I wants sure how the setup would be of her party, maybe the table is going in the middle of the room? Who knows. So I added a simple kick stand to the back of the board using a scrap piece of wood, I cut it at 22” with a 10 degree angle cut at the bottom, I used the little hinges to attach it to the board, you want the longer edge of the angle out.

They stand on there own!

How cute are these! Would be even cuter with donuts, but I didn’t want to make them sticky before she got a chance to use them! Let me know what you think in the comments

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