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It’s a one-day project (our favorite kind) that only costs about $35, but for us it was a little less because we already had some of the materials on hand like scrap wood and stain.

It’s helped us fill an awkward wall in our kitchen that looked too bare but doesn’t work for shelves or anything too bulky because of the walkway to the pantry and exterior door right beside it, and it gives us a fun place to keep track of groceries or, more often, write snarky notes to each other.

See the full tutorial and more details here.

Cut the wood, apply chalkboard paint

We cut our plywood piece down to 3′ x 5′ and trimmed down the 1×3 pieces with our circular saw. We did two pieces at 38.75 inches for the top and bottom, and two pieces at 58 inches for the sides.

Next, you’ll need to sand them down until they're smooth.

Paint your plywood piece with chalkboard paint a couple of times.

Stain your wood pieces (front, sides and back because the back may be a tiny bit visible from the sides).

Assemble the frame

Lay your chalkboard plywood piece down on the ground, painted side up, and put your side 1x3 pieces on top like a frame.

Make sure you offset the wood pieces so they go over the edge of the plywood by about an inch so that from the side of the finished chalkboard you won’t be able to see the plywood underneath.

Optional: Chalk holder

We added an upside down cup drawer pull to the bottom to hold the chalk. We screwed it in before we attached to the wall and that's much easier.

Attach to the wall
Find where your studs are in the wall and mark them with painters tape. Hold your chalkboard up to the wall where you want it and use a level to make sure it’s level.

Drill a 2-inch wood screw into the black painted plywood part in four places, roughly in the corners but make sure at least two are through studs for extra security. Paint over the screws with a little more chalkboard paint.

And you're done!

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Suggested materials:

  • Plywood 4'x8'
  • (2) 1×3 at 8 feet
  • Wood stain
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