Easy Nail Art. Kids Craft Idea

5 Materials
30 Minutes

Hi y’all hope you are all

home and safe during this pandemic. I have tried to keep myself

Busy with the household and keeping the teenagers occupied.

today I decided to try something I have put on the back of my mind for a while. NAIL ART. yep. Silly but always wanted to try but always found a blocker. Shall we do this ?

The Materials

You will need:

* 1 piece of soft wood (pine will do the job)

* mod podge or varnish

* nails

* scissors

* paint or fabric (to cover the wood-optional)

* yarn

and the design you want to create. I wanted something easy to start so i could learn. I figured heart would be easy for beginners

the process is simple :

first apply modpodge on the glass cup or flower pot and then lay your fabric

make sure you smooth with your fingers all the creases.

after this apply mod podge over the fabric and let it dry.

you are done.

Now let’s check out the video tutorial.

Nail Art Tutorial

I tried to make this as easy as possible

you can create any design. Letters. Shapes. Be creative. Have fun while doing any project.

craft should be therapeutic and not a job. So breath. Relax. Feel the materials.

No secrets

When it comes to fill the heart (Your design) that is no secret or sequence. So as you please but always remember to punch down the yarn with your fingers. Cover as much or as little as you want. MAIN IDEA IS TO HAVE FUN


You can add this to anything. To a Tiered tray , Your garden, any bookshelf. Depending on the size of your art you can hang it too. Just remember to attaché the hanging hooks on the back

I will try larger art pieces And even covering a shoe box with fabric to experiment with materials. I will definitely report back to tell you how did it turn out.

try doing something new every week.

also if you don’t have mod podge you can use clear varnish. It will works as well as the mod podge. 😉

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Suggested materials:

  • Yarn   (Joann)
  • Mod podge   (Joann)
  • Pine (leftover or Lowe’s)   (Lowe’s or around the home)
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