Five Solutions for Boring Empty Walls

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Hi there! I'm Hayley. I’m an interior designer and the owner of Tea & Sawdust. I am a serial interest jumper, ranging anywhere from baking, to woodworking, to literature, to crocheting. I started blogging and writing as an outlet to share my DIY and interior design projects.

As an interior designer, I am constantly visiting homes and diagnosing decorating issues. One of the most common issues I find in a space is that I'm surrounded by 4 beige walls.

Of course a quick coat of paint can be a great solution, but I love to add an accent wall that incorporates a texture! It makes such a difference.

Here are five of my go-to accent walls:


Nothing beats a chalkboard wall with ever-changing handwritten notes on it. Whether it's inspirational quotes, calendars, menus, or to-do lists, chalkboards are beautiful and functional.


Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a bit of a wallpaper fanatic. Wallpaper comes in all patterns and colors. The one above is grasscloth which is great for getting an elegant texture and color without a busy pattern.

Stenciled Paint

A great affordable alternative to wallpaper can be to use a stencil to paint on a repeatable pattern. And since you're choosing the stencil and paint colors the sky is the limit, be creative!


Ah brick, a classic crowd-pleaser that can take on so many styles: industrial, modern, farmhouse, rustic, traditional, and so many more. It's guaranteed to get ohh's and ahh's at your next dinner.


Thanks to companies like Limitless Walls, having custom murals printed and installed is easier than ever. You can make murals from paintings, landscapes, photos, maps, anything you can imagine!

I hope one of these solutions inspired you! Tired of those beige walls in your home and ready for a transformation? Post a photo of your room in the comments below to get free design advice for your space!

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  • Sharron Bennett Sharron Bennett on May 21, 2020

    Just beautiful and hard to pick the one I liked the best. Is the picture of the tree something I could buy.