Floral Screen Sign

4 Materials
2 Hours

Use an old screen and some florals to create a beautiful sign for your home or baby’s nursery!

For this project you will need an old screen, a variety of florals or greenery, and some floral wire.

It is also handy to have some wire cutters and scissors.

Add a name or saying

I partnered with a local craft shop (Bedsprings and Burlap in Topeka, Kansas) to create these wooden letters which I spray painted gold. If you don’t have access to something like this, you could definitely make your wording by painting or writing on a piece of plywood, or even make a vinyl transfer if you have a Cricut.

Deciding what florals to use

This part is completely up to you! Some suggestions I’d have:

  • use a mix of long stems and floral heads
  • buy whole sprigs. It’s cheaper and you can just cut them and pull the flowers off vs. buying individual sprigs and flower picks
  • Be sure the stems are not too thick that you won’t be able to cut the wire or bend them. This is important for shaping your arrangement.
Lay out your florals first

I suggest laying out the florals on the screen before attaching them to get an idea of spacing and how the end result will look.

TIP: I think it is super helpful to take a photo that way if they move, you can reference the photo to get the florals positioned how you laid them out.

Wrap floral wire around your stems

Wrap floral wire around your stems so that you can loop them through the screen. For the florals with long stems, I found it easiest to use one long piece of wire that I could weave through the screen mesh so the stems laid flat.

For the flower heads, I pushed the wire right through the base vs wrapping it because it made them lay neatly against the screen. If you have trouble piercing the plastic with the floral wire, use a large needle to create a hole and guide it through.

Attach the florals to the screen

Once you have your wire on the florals, loop or weave it through the screen mesh so that you can twist it or tighten it so it lays nicely on the screen.

Attach the name and hang

If you use wooden letters like I did, simply spray some pieces of floral wire the same color as your letters and attach by looping it through the screen and twisting it closed on the back in a couple of places.

You could also attach a hook to the top of your screen frame and use ribbon or wire to hang your letters or sign on the screen.

If using a wooden sign, you could drill a couple of small holes to slip the wire through and attach that way.

All in all this project is ended up being very light, which was important to me so I could securely attach it above the crib with no worries about it coming down. Screens are not usually heavy so I really like that about this project.

This projects has so many opportunities to customize it! I may make one with some fall foliage and “autumn” lettering. If you make this project, I would love to see it!

Suggested materials:

  • Floral stems   (Hobby Lobby)
  • Old screen   (Flea market)
  • Floral Wire   (Hobby Lobby)
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