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During the long winter months we grabbed videos from the library and hunkered down for some marathon TV watching on Sunday mornings. One day hubs came home with a series of Looney Toons cartoons – famous for characters such as Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Marvin the Martian and Foghorn Leghorn. Did you know that Bugs Bunny even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?!

Hubs is a Foghorn Leghorn fan and has one of those minds that remembers lines from movies and catch phrases (me, not so much!). He was intently on the look-out for one of his favourite episodes where Foghorn Leghorn looses his feathers. Did you ever see that one? If not, here's a 9-second video clip where you’ll hear Hubs’ favourite Foghorn catchphrase:
Funnily enough, that particular catchphrase never became well known, but that was about to change in our household! Hubs needed a clock for his Mancave and I knew exactly what I had to do!

Not having much wall space in the Mancave, I also had an epiphany about where to put it: I was going to build it into one of the doors of his Ikea entertainment unit!!
To start, remove the door and draw an arrow on the back to indicate the direction that the graphic will be applied. It you fail to do this, you might inadvertently apply it upside down and you won’t be able to reinstall the door again!

Remove the hinges and set aside; we put all our small parts in ziploc bags so we don’t lose them; leave the bag in the cabinet (if you can find an empty spot for it)! Hubs isn't the only pack-rat in the family - lol!
When the graphic work was complete, I saved my file as a PDF and had it printed on vinyl. A friend of ours is familiar with affixing digital vinyl prints onto substrates so she helped us by applying it onto the door. There's an easier option for the graphic too which you'll find at the end of this post!

Once we got the cabinet door back, we re-installed the hinges and set the door aside. It’s easier to do that step first on a flat surface before the clock is installed so the clock hands don’t get mangled in the process of getting the hinges back on.
We tested the fit of the clock mechanism on a practice door first.
To drill the hole in the real door, hubs set up a drill station. He used some cardboard to build the height.
Then he added some scrap wood on top of that. This suits two purposes: 1) so we wouldn’t drill through our floor and 2) it keeps the door flat despite the hinges.
We lowered the door onto our drill setup. While I was designing the clock, I positioned a hole on the graphic so we’d know where to drill out for the clock mechanism. Using the mark as a guide, we drilled out the hole.
We installed the clock mechanism, then a battery and turned it over excited to see it tick away. Nothing happened; our clock mechanism did not work and it was too late in the day to go out and exchange it.

When we tested the hole size with the fit of the clock mechanism, we forgot to pop in the battery to make sure it works! We were so concerned about the fit, we forgot this important step – duh!!

We proceeded with mounting the door anyway.
The next day we replaced the clock mechanism, closed the door and stepped back to admire hubs' favourite catchphrase! I like how the clock numbers are worked into the feathers that surround Foghorn. How appropriate is it for Birdz of a Feather to create a clock that's all about feathers?
The clock adds an element of fun in the mancave and how unexpected to see it installed in the actual cabinet door!

It worked out great. Hubs now has a one-of-a-kind clock that brings back fond childhood memories and it didn’t take up any wall space. Best of all he can still access the storage behind it!
Other Options

If you don't want to go the vinyl graphic route, don't fret - there's other options! You can also achieve the same look by printing a large scale colour print and decoupaging it onto the door. I would prime the surface first with a great primer (such as Stix), then decoupage the graphic and seal with Modge Podge or Varathane. We have decoupaged a medicine cabinet and I also decoupaged a Valentines gift for hubs (a paint stick pallet), so it's a great option (you can see pictures of those on our site)!

If you’re into unique clocks, check out this  computer hard drive clock that hubs just completed using an upcycled drive from my old computer:
Tune in again next time for another innovative DIY!  

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‘…that’s all, folks!’
Suggested materials:
  • Ikea Besta Entertainment Unit   (Ikea)
  • Clock Mechanism   (Details on our blog)
  • Stix primer   (Big box store)
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  • Offaly Offaly on Jun 22, 2018

    Brilliant idea. Just wondering if it would look o.k. on a kitchen door. I only have a very small kitchen and no wall space for a clock, Hazel

  • Hope Hope on Jun 22, 2018

    The video clip was hilarious! I love Foghorn Leghorn and the clock is a very cool how you did that! Curious why you used a fully feathered version of him and didn't use a 'naked' (like in the video) image of him carrying his feathers for your clock..?

  • Larry Pettijohn Larry Pettijohn on Jun 25, 2018


    Quick question, most clock works I have seen are designed for much thinner materials (usually plastic any more), but was the post on the clock works long enough to go thru that thick door or did you have to lengthen it somehow?

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  • Missy Burch Missy Burch on Jun 22, 2018

    that is hilarious! foghorn has always been one of my faves!

  • Paula Bradley Paula Bradley on Jun 23, 2018

    What a great idea, and it turned out perfectly. I too am a Looney Tunes lover, and know a lot of the lines. Bugs Bunny in "Rabbit's Kin", with Pete Puma, and another is "Broomstick Bunny". I love how a lot of their products come from Acme. They just don't make cartoons like them anymore, designed just to make you laugh. Great job on the clock. Love it!