How to Hang Fabric as Wallpaper

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Today I'm showing you how to hang fabric as wallpaper. We added this to our laundry room and really love how it turned out. This really is a 2 person job, so don’t attempt this on your own. Here is the wall we started with:
Here is what the finished project looks like:
Here is what you need:
Wallpaper paste Paint tray + roller Paint brush Tacks or painter’s tape Credit card or wallpaper applicator Exacto knife Fabric
The first thing you need to do is figure out the fabric repeat. The fabric pattern we chose is omni directional, and the bolt happened to be wide enough for the space if we tilted it sideways.
Apply a thin coat of wallpaper pasteStart in one corner at the top. If you’re hanging the fabric in vertical strips, apply enough to keep the first strip stuck to the wall.
As soon as you have enough on there, apply your fabric and then secure the top of it. We used thumb tacks, but you could use painter’s tape if there’s enough space for it to take purchase on the wall.Once you’ve got some on the wall, have the second person apply paste to the rest of the wall for the fabric strip. As they apply it, start smoothing the fabric over it. Use the wallpaper applicator or a credit card to smooth out air bubbles.
Repeat until the surface is covered. Work quickly! Depending on what kind of paste you’re using, you may not have long once the paste has been applied before it loses its tackyness.
Don’t forget to secure as you go, and use a paint brush to get the detailed edges with enough paste. It can be easy to miss them with a roller.
Once the entire surface is applied and secured, use the paste and a paint roller to apply a top coat. You want to completely cover the fabric.Then, use the wallpaper applicator to scrape away any remaining air bubbles and excess paste.
Let the wet fabric dry overnight before trimming away excessWe let ours dry overnight. All the uneven colouring in the fabric – due to wetness from the paste – disappeared once it dried. Just give it time.The next day we used an exacto knife to trim away the excess fabric.
I suggest using decorative wood trim or quarter round, to frame the fabric. It will help hide any un-even edges and prevent fraying or peeling-up.

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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  • Monie Monie on Jan 07, 2020

    Was this harder to work with than wallpaper? It looks so nice!

    How would you remove this??

  • Jeanette Jeanette on Jan 07, 2020

    Beautiful fabric!! Can you give any details on it, such as maker and name of pattern?

  • Tery Shultz Tery Shultz on Jan 18, 2020

    How would u keep the walls clean?


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  • Em Em on Jan 08, 2021

    Not sure why this is easier than wall paper when you put it up the same way. The prepasted wall paper is really easy to work with.

  • Von50772532 Von50772532 on Mar 06, 2021

    Love the idea of using liquid starch because I'm renting and going to the thrift store to find a unique sheet to use