How to Plan and Hang a Gallery Wall

7 Materials
2 Hours
Gallery walls are a great way to showcase different pieces of art, photographs, and fun frames in a balanced collection on your wall. They add a unique touch to a blank wall in your home! Use this step-by-step guide to plan and hang a gallery wall here:
Step 1: Arrange your framesPlay around with different arrangements to find which one you like the best. Make sure that you take a photo of your final floor arrangement to help you place it in the right way on the wall!
Step 2 & 3: Trace and Cut our your framesTrace your frames on craft paper and cut out the traced frames. See all the tools we used, look at the link in the description!
Step 4 & 5: Mark where the nails are going to go. Then tape up the craft paper cut-outs of the frame in the arrangement you’d like, use the photo you took in step 1 as a reference.
Step 6: Solidify your design and hang all of your pictures up!
To see the final results click here:
Suggested materials:
  • Craft Paper   (
  • Measuring Tape   (
  • Scissors   (
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