Le Petite French Room

4 Materials
5 Weeks

A spare bedroom was turned into a French influenced Ladies Sitting Room. A quiet place to sit and relax. Curl up with a book and a spot of tea!

This is the spare bedroom at the beginning which had a masculine theme with the fish.

Spare bed room is rather plain.

The room was painted in a Matte Celery color base and then glazed with three semi sheer glazes in an alternating pattern. One slightly deeper, another still deeper and one lighter. Glaze was applies in an alternate patter then manipulated and slightly removed (negative application) to lighten and give movement and softness.

We both loved the soft muted tones on this old painting which would end up hanging in this room. The glazed wall coloring was taken from this painting.

In this picture we see upholstery fabric that will be on a Setee n this room. These colors, pale pink and gilded gold with also be used in the room on the walls. Picking one thing you love and creating a room around that one item (picture) is how I always like to design a room. Then compliment that with other color from other items you plan on using.

Here is the stencil we will use to help create the "French" feel.

Besides this room being a quiet get away place to relax, it is also a memorial to the owners faithful canine family who were adopted and have since passed.

A memorial was created on the walls for each friend by attaching a photo copy within the stencil. We opted for a Sepia tone in keeping with the aged soft muted tones throughout the room which started with the oil painting.

Some hand painting was applied to the leaves to create some depth.

Pale pink french Austrian Puff curtains were hung in front of the bifold closet doors to conceal the louvers and the bottom sold panels glazed and stenciled with a complimenting pattern. Since this is a spare bedroom the closes are storage space which is not accessed often.

The door panels were glazed and stenciled and the radiator given the royal golden treatment.

Vintage tapestry valances along with an old bed corona, lace and drapes finish up the room. For a nice accent faux animal skin rug is center stage. The Pink and Gilded fabric is on the Setee on the left. There was enough left over for one of the chairs in the nook which will be reupholstered shortly.

A cozy corner to relax and sip tea.

Vintage keepsakes evoke a fond remembrance of loyal friends.

Suggested materials:

  • Celery Green Paint, Matte finish   (Valspar)
  • Glaze in three green shades, hand mixed   (Golden)
  • Gilt radiator   (Custom)
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