Unicorn SPiT Love Sign Made by Toddler

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I am always on the prowl looking for simple yet functional crafts for my kids to make just for fun and as gifts. I came across a cute canvas with "Love" painted on it using hand and foot prints of a child. I thought it would make the perfect Mother's Day gift for the 20 month old I was caring for at the time to make his momma.
I took a nice wood canvas I had and I let little K-man go to town using the stain press technique on it. I diluted my SPiT in smaller bottles with water at about 1:1 ratio. The colors we used were Blue Thunder, Zia Teal, Navajo Jewel, Lemon Kiss, White Ning, Midnight Blackness  and a touch of Purple Hill Majesty all diluted with water.
We gave the wood a few sprays of water, I helped him squeeze each color on where ever on the canvas, gave another spray of water over the Unicorn SPiT, covered it with a thin piece of plastic drop cloth (you can use saran wrap or any plastic you have on hand) sprayed the top of the plastic with water and then he moved his hands around on top of the plastic to move and blend the colors around. This technique is called a stain press. Once there was no raw wood I was able to see, I grabbed all four corners lifting them up towards the center and slowly lifted the plastic off. I then gave it one more spray of water to help blend any lines left from the plastic, as I didnt want that look for this particular project.
Once the Unicorn SPiT was completely dry from the stain press, I gave it a quick coat of Gloss Minwax spray polyurethane. Unicorn SPiT is waterbased and I didn't want my next color to activate the stain press we had done and just incase I needed to wipe off any mistakes from the next step of the hand and foot prints. So spraying with an oil based top coat will prevent that from happening.
After plastic was removed and sprayed again
After it was completely dry, I then brushed some White Ning on his hand and pressed it on the board near the center for the letter "o" then did the same to both feet to make the letter "v" next to it. Unicorn SPiT is non toxic and safe for all ages, which I absolutely love about it! Once those dried I then used White Ning again to paint the L and E with a fine paint brush. Once the entire piece was dry, I then gave it a few coats of gloss wipe on oil based polyurethane. Letting each coat dry and a light sanding with 220 or higher grit sandpaper in between.
This was so easy and fun! K-man's Momma absolutely loved her Mother's day gift and I was thrilled. This would also make a great gift for Valentine's Day or any Special occasion for someone you love! Just change up your colors and let those creative juices flow! Thanks for checking it out and I hope to see yours soon! 😊
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn SPiT Vibrantly Colored Stain and Glaze   (www.unicornspit.com)
  • 12×12 wood canvas   (Michaels Craft store)
  • Spray and wipe on Minwax gloss polyurethane   (Any hardware store)
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