Paint Sticks and a Hoop From a Friends Work Gives Me PEACE

I have a friend that brings me hoops from his work (all sizes ) I decided to make a Peace Sign using dollar tree glass pebbles and leftover spray paint.
Cut and placed paint sticks. Made sure all the glass pebbles fit the whole project
GLUE GLUE GLUE ~ I just used what was around, Loctite super glue
Painted waited a day to dry
Glued the pebbles and its a done deal ~ Peace
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  • Hannah V Hannah V on Mar 25, 2016
    So fun! I was ob-sessed with peace signs when I was younger- they were all over my room and pretty much everything I owned haha!

  • Casey Gragg Casey Gragg on Mar 30, 2016
    Awesome, my next peace sign will be one with the pull tabs off beer cans. Hubby saves them for me and I have a jar full of them and I just found my corks! woohoo.. I'll have photos when I craft more so keep an eye out.. Thanks