Pallet Wall Office Renovation

We knew when we moved into our new corporate office in Birmingham, Alabama that we wanted to create a unique atmosphere for our employees. The existing space had a typical "office feel" so we tore out all of the flooring, moved walls and doors, and painted every inch of the space.
Renovation Underway
We have tackled unique aspects in the office one at a time, but the Pallet wall is one of the first things we did. For this area, the first step was to extend the walls to the ceiling and build a new door casing for custom glass doors.
Office Walls Sanded and Ready for Paint
After the metal studs and sheetrock were installed, the wall was sanded and primed for painting. The area quickly began to take shape. Most may have just stopped after a fresh coat of paint, but not us!
Walls Primed and Painted
Since this is a central area in our office we wanted to make a statement. We also wanted something natural and rustic, so we decided to use pallet wood to cover the walls.
Pallet Wood
The pallets were all sizes and shapes when we received them. They were deconstructed by cutting off all the top boards with a reciprocating saw. In the process we divided the boards in multiple stacks based on their size. Doing this made it easier to work in uniform rows and it also helped us make sure we had a good mix of board sizes during installation.
Pallet Wood Going Up
To attach the planks to the wall we used liquid nail adhesive along with a pneumatic nail gun to help hold the boards in place until the glue cured.
One Wall Complete
Before installation of the 2nd wall, holes were cutout and wired for our SC sign. The second wall was covered in the same way as the first; using adhesive and nail gun.
Second Wall Going Up
Our metal 'SC' letters were purchased from Frontera in Downtown Birmingham and they fit in perfectly with the pallet wood!
SC Letters being installed
The wall was wired so that lights could be installed behind the letters and controlled by a switch. During the day the light is very faint but at night the wall takes on a completely different feel.
SC Wall at Night
We love this part of our office! Stay tuned for more projects!
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Time Lapse video of the Pallet Wall Renovation

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  • Kara Smith Veltman Kara Smith Veltman on May 13, 2017
    Do you have to worry about boards which have been weathered so much they are black with mold? So the mold is still growing?


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