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I've been so inspired by other Hometalkers who have made beautiful wall art that replicates handmade quilt blocks. I love and admire old fashioned quilts because of the colors, patterns and especially the skill and time that I know it took to make them. Here's my version of making a paper quilt wall hanging, I hope in turn it inspires you

Hatching the Plan

A brief overview of my idea and how I planned to carry it out with just a few basic supplies.

Gathering Supplies

You'll need something round like a dish or jar lid to use as your template, a pencil, scissors, utility knife, ruler, measuring tape, artists paint brushes, white school glue or mod podge. You'll also need coordinating scrapbook sheets and a large piece of strong cardboard (I glued two thin ones together) and some white paint to prime the cardboard. I also used spackling filler because my cardboard had some deep crease lines in it and you'll need some string to create hangers for it.

Cardboard Prep

Since the papers are lighter in color I chose to prime the surface with white paint, it took a couple of coats since cardboard is very absorbant. Notice the fold marks? I used some spackling filler to close the gap there and painted over top once it was dry.

Filling in the Seams

This product is so easy to use, just apply with your finger and create a smooth finish. Let dry and it was good to paint over it in just a short time. NOTE: This step may not have been necessary but I didn't want to take the chance in seeing those seams once my pretty papers were all glued in place.

Adding Hangers

I just popped a couple of holes in the cardboard a few inches from the edge to give the options of hanging it either vertical or horizontal. I used jute string to feed in and out through the holes leaving excess length on the interior.

Securing the String

You'll see I used clear, packaging tape to secure the strings but along with this they will be totally secure when another layer of cardboard gets sandwiched on top! The two thin layers of cardboard glued together will give me the stiff, strong base that I need for this project.

A little Humor

I used wood glue to sandwich my cardboard layers but white glue would have been fine too, its just that I had all of mine watered down to make the decoupage mixture. I poured the glue over the bottom layer, took another tiny square of cardboard to make a squeegee of sorts to spread the glue all around evenly. The two layers were lined up and pressed together I weighted the top with some books to ensure they dried completely flat.

Preparing the Paper

I used a small bowl to get the diameter size I was looking for, simply trace and cut. This is time consuming but I found while I was watching television too the time went by fast as I cut 70 of them out!

Color and Pattern Selection

I'll be making this wall hanging for my neice and this is the color palette she chose, greens and yellows. I cut up all of those colors that I had and I ended up with 70 circles so I decided my quilt would be 7 rows of 10 blocks.

Fold a Circle into a Square

Say what? Yes, makes a square out of a circle...who comes up with this stuff? So first I made a square template out of my gum packaging ...I tend to chew gum when I craft. 😁 The square had to be made a little smaller than the interior of the circles, I taped the edges of my gum cardboard to give it a little more strength and stiffness. Lay your square template center of your circles and fold your heart out, I did mine in a few sessions to save my fingers and neck!

Layout Prep

Since each row would be 10 blocks wide the center would be at the 5th block so I divided my cardboard width in half to find my center start point. I also drew a straight line across the bottom about a few inches from the edge to give me my starter line. The will ensure I keep my row straight as I glue the blocks on, each additional row will follow that first row.

Glue Time

Remember the glue mixture ratio of 2 white glue to 1 part water, mix well and I applied it with a chunky artists brush. So as you see I chose to lay the blocks hap- hazardly as long as I alternated the two colors.

How I Glued the Blocks On

I thought the video would give you a clearer idea of how the glue process unfolded or in this case folded! Haha, sorry puns come up so I use them!

Border Selection

My blocks were all glued in place, the bare edges of the cardboard got trimmed down to about 1" width all the way around. For this I used a straight edge and a utility knife to cut through the two layers of cardboard. I chose a coordinating paper to use as a border for the quilt, actually in quilting terms this would be referred to as binding your quilt.

Adding the Binding

I cut strips wide enough to allow me to fold and wrap around the outside edge and glue at the back of the cardboard. A small fold will be your edge that butts up against your blocks, simply score a straight line in the back of your paper length wise and then fold in along that line.

Fitting the Corners

In quilting you'd mitre, fold and sew your binding but with paper I found it a little to stiff and bulky so I did the fit first and then cut off the excess paper before I glued it all in place. I hope the video helps you understand this a little better, if this is too complicated you can fold and glue as best as you see fit.

Before and After Binding

Now it looks a little more like a quilt, so remember this one can go hung either horizontal or vertical it's up to my neice when she puts it place. Wait a second while I go dig something out of storage.

Vintage Window

Well hot diggeddy-dog look what fits in there like a weiner in a bun!!! No, no this wasn't planned, afterall I added hangers as you'll recall but when momma is on a roll even if its a hot dog roll you let her go with it! 😂😂 I was overjoyed because I already had it in the back of my mind to give my neice one of my old windows but this....this just sealed the deal!

Display Suggestion

I was giggling like a school girl as I mocked up this display because I know she's gonna love it! I couldn't believe my luck in how well this all turned out even though it wasn't the original plan!

Recycled and Upcycled

I love how the recycling a cardboard box and the upcycling of an old window could brighten my day and become something my neice will cherish in her new home! I'm making wonderful memories during this awful isolation situation and I hope this has inspired you to see it's not what you have, it's what you create with it!

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    Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and the video was great, you explained everything so even a novice could follow it. Thank you for sharing your lovely project. I want to do a whole wall now! CRAFT ON!

    • I'm awarding you with best comment of the week!! You don't know how good that makes me feel, I'm so thankful for all if you Hometalk cheerleaders! You sure know how to make another person smile a little bigger and be inspired to craft on! Thank you very, very much!