Can you mix green wall or concert broad & drywall?

can you put green wall & drywall together on one wall? If you can how would the muddling be any different than just all drywall? I want to put green wall behind kitchen sink & dishwasher area & then where chimney area it leaks around flashing which I'm going to have repaired. But if it leaks again I don't want new drywall to get wet & crumble. I just removed the old plaster from that area & it was wet. Thanks Deb Koral

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  • Judi1 Judi1 on Jan 05, 2019

    As long as it is the same depth you may. I think you should be more concerned about fixing the roof around the chimney before you do anything. Just because it won't crumble does not mean it would not get mold covered from the moisture and have to be replaced.

    • Deb Deb on Jan 05, 2019

      I'm going to have it fixed before installing the new wall. But it doesn't mean that years down the road that the same thing couldn't happen that's why I would want something more water proof

  • Seth Seth on Jan 05, 2019


    Green board is not what you want to use. While it is water resistant, it is not waterproof and will not provide the protection you are looking for. Cement backer board would be a better choice. It usually comes in 1/4" and 1/2" thicknesses.