Simple but Meaningful Farmhouse Sign.

7 Materials
30 Minutes

My friend had a birthday. I love making gifts. My friend is a great mum and loves her family. So I made her a sign!

I love simple black, white and wooden décor. Its clean lines and natural elements appeal to me. This cute sign didn’t take long but its message will last forever.

I started by cutting my mdf 4mm wood to 30 x 30 cm and painting it white. I just used normal wall paint. I then cut the wooden frame so that when made up it would overlap the mdf by about ½ cm all around.

I used walnut stain in satin to stain my wood. I always make sure I put on rubber gloves when I do this as stain is so hard to get out of my hands! I apply using an old clean sock (I always have a basket full of odd socks to use!). Make sure you wipe over the stain so that there are no drips.

While that was drying, I used my cricut machine to create the design I wanted on my sign. I made sure it would fit perfectly once the frame was on and stuck it to the wood using black vinyl.

I then put together my frame using a staple gun to attach the corners together.

I attached the frame to the white sign using the same staple gun, attaching the staples to the back.

To make the back look neat I covered the staples using framer’s tape.

And now I have a beautiful homemade gift for my friend using just what I had around the house.

Suggested materials:

  • Mdf wood   (bunnings)
  • Wall paint   (bunnings)
  • Thin pine strips   (bunnings)
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