SK's Clock Stops At Nothing

This was a fun project. I wanted an oversize wall clock. I have seen some really cool wood ones, but I didn't want a wood or metal clock. So I decided to paint my own.
In the center of my clock I cut a square hole in the sheetrock which the battery pack will fit snug. I put a new battery in and tested to make sure it was working properly. I used the Durham's Hard Rock putty to cement it into place. This battery will last two years.
I cut stencils for the numbers and using Durham's Hardrock Putty as per directions on the label I troweled this pudding like texture over the stencils leaving a three dimensional characters. This product hardens very quickly so you'll have to move fast.
I just use a paper plate and throw the whole mess away when it gets to hard to work with. It works just about the same as plaster of paris, but it gets much harder.
I used Modern Masters Metal Reactive Paint for the graphics and clock hands. The damask stencil was painted with copper reactive paint. The clock hands were painted with iron and rusted. The numbers will be a lighter color so they stand out from the background.
I painted the vines and leaves free-hand with Modern Masters copper and iron metal reactive paints:
I had a blast creating this. If I get tired of it I will just sand it down take the battery pack out, patch the wall and re-paint. No harm, No foul.
I get this is not everyones cup-o-tea. That's OK. It takes a special mind and hand to do crazy stuff. If you hate it, that's OK too. If you like it, you must be considered to be in the same mind-frame as I am. Just smile. Just smile. Welcome to the club...
Thanks for joining in. sk
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SK's Painted Wall Clock.

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