Three Piece Minimalist Modern Diy Canvas Art For Under $15

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We just moved into our new home last month and finding things for the walls has been challenging. I was shocked when I saw the prices of new wall decor! 😳

So, I decided to make my own!

Our local thrift stores have tons of older canvas wall hangings, and these are super easy to transform! So I grabbed a bunch of different sizes. 5 canvases ranging in sizes from 12"x12" to 42"x36" cost me $9 😁 What a steal!

*Estimated time does not include dry times

I decided to go with 2 square ones 12"x12", and one rectangle one 18"x12. These will make up the trio for a wall in our living room

During my search for wall decor, I found this fun piece on Anthropologie's website. Obviously, I am not spending $700 on wall art. But I really did love the design!

So, your first step is to paint the canvas. I chose a light gray to match my living room. 2 coats, and the previous designs were covered

Then, using a pencil, I drew a similar design as the Anthropologie piece on the two 12"x12" canvases

I initially tried hot glue for the design, but I wasn't able to get a single stream of glue, so it didn't work for this design. But, puffy paint worked perfectly!

Go over your pencil marked design with the puffy paint

As you can see, I ended up not going over all of the marks that I made.

Now, allow the puffy paint to dry overnight

Once the puffy paint was completely dried, I painted over it with the light gray to cover my pencil marks.

If you like the contrast of the puffy paint against the gray, then try freehanding your design

Then I decided to dry brush the design with a white paint.

Add a little bit of paint to the tips of a chip brush, and then wipe most of it off in a paper towel. You want very very little paint still on the brush. Then go over the design. I dry brushed the white paint heavier around the edges and in some random spots

Now for the 2nd design....

I used hot glue 😁

This canvas already had some texture spots, so I figured the hot glue would be perfect. I used a mini hot glue gun with the mini sticks. This allowed me to get thinner lines of glue.

It was painted in the same light gray as the others.

I visually sectioned off the canvas into 6 sections in my head

In the first section, I applied lines of glue vertically only going halfway up the canvas, and stopped when I got 1/3 across the canvas.

For the next section, I applied lines of hot glue horizontally only going halfway up the canvas and another 1/3 of the way across the canvas.

The 3rd section was back to vertical lines, going halfway up the canvas and all the way to the edge.

Then I moved up to the other half of the canvas and a horizontal section, vertical section, then horizontal section.

I allowed the hot glue to dry for 30 minutes, then painted over it with the light gray and then did a little dry brushing with the white paint

And here is the outcome of my diy wall decor trio

I'm really happy with how these turned out

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Thank you so much for reading this tutorial! I hope you've been inspired to create something beautiful ♥️

Suggested materials:

  • Canvas wall decor   (Amazon)
  • Gray paint   (Amazon)
  • White puffy paint   (Amazon)
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  • Donna Turner Donna Turner 3 days ago

    I love this! Simple, yet unique, what a great idea! One can also make wall art by simply modpodgeing any of the hundreds of paper designs you find at the craft store onto old pictures and canvas. I took a small mirror and bought some textured paper at Hobby Lobby to cover the old frame with modpodge. Looks completely different now.

    • Joyce Joyce 2 days ago

      Sounds wonderful.. I would love to see pictures of your finished product.