Thrift Store Art Revamp

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I LOVE shopping at thrift stores and I really love finding treasures that I'm able to transform and give new life to. A few years back I picked up a vintage framed print and just new I wanted to do something cool with it.

This project was a lot of experimenting and trial and error and while I'm not 100% in love with it, I can't wait to do more pieces with a couple of tweaks! This project just goes to show you that almost anything can be transformed and given an updated and unique look.

Here's what it looked like before. It was just an old fashioned print with some damage and scratches and I wanted to turn it into something edgey and unique. This style may not be for everyone but I'm hoping it sparks some ideas for you to transform a piece of your own!

I started by taping off some uneven stripes with painters tape.

Next, I painted those stripes with a coat of Ground Control. (Daydream Apothecary's base white)

Time to play with my new Neons!! (Available on my website!)

I started with Soul Full of Sunshine and Hot Damn, Violet.

Next I added Sundance. I strategically painted the areas that had scratches plus where I thought it would look good.

I mixed some pretty green and "stamped" on some polka-dots using a pencil eraser.

For the finishing touches, I grabbed some gold and black spray paint. I did a few practice runs on some cardboard to get the feel of the paint.

I hope you enjoyed following along and I hope this inspires you to get creative! These new neon chalk artisan paints are available on my website. 😊

Suggested materials:

  • Vintage art print   (Thrift store)
  • Daydream Apothecary Paint
  • Painters tape   (Amazon)
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