Thrifted Tin Wall Decor Makeover Using Chalk Paint

3 Materials
30 Minutes

Have you ever found a piece of wall decor you loved; but didn't love the color? I'm going to show you just how simple it is to transform that piece into exactly what you want!

I found a set of these wall hanging tin decor pieces, at a thrift store for $5! What a steal! I wasn't fond of the dark color; so I used a little chalk paint and antiquing wax to create the look I wanted.

I had everything on hand, so the cost I listed is for the thrifted wall decor only.

This is what the tin decor pieces looked like when I found them. I loved the vintage vibes they gave off!

I knew a little paint could really make these pretty!

I love chalk paint! It requires little prep work and easy to work with! House and Canvas chalk paint is my favorite! I wanted an antique white color, so chose to use the color Champagne.

You don't need a lot of paint on your brush, when using chalk paint. I suggest a light amount each time you apply it to your brush.

I wanted a decent coverage; so I used three coats of paint.

I was going for a distressed look, and wanted to bring out the detail in the piece. I did this by using a light sandpaper and gently rubbing the areas I wanted to distress.

The light sanding really brought out the design!

Though I liked the distressing, I also wanted a more vintage appearance. I used a dark wax in areas I wanted that more worn look. I chose House and Canvas wax in the color walnut.

I applied a very small amount of the wax to the areas I wanted to darken. I wasn't looking for a very pronounced look, just a very subtle darkening.

You can somewhat see the darker tinting around some of the detail.

I finished it off by sealing the entire piece in a clear wax.

I love this piece now!! The white looks so perfect and adds a nice vintage feel!

Suggested materials:

  • Tin wall decor
  • Chalk paint   (Sandpaper)
  • Furniture wax

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